'It's all OVER?!' 😱 Is the Messi effect finished at Inter Miami? | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti joins Julien Laurens on The Gab and Juls Show to chat about Lionel Messi’s commemorative game at Inter Miami to present his Ballon d’Or trophy and the empty seats that came with it.

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33 opiniones en “'It's all OVER?!' 😱 Is the Messi effect finished at Inter Miami? | ESPN FC”

  1. 700 people come to watch al.nassr penaldo regular games in saudi arabia. . Try to report that and get your pay cheque taken 😂😂😂

  2. Inter Miami will do what they have to make back as much $$ as they can off Messi. The only way is to suck money off of us (the fans) who attend the games. It's just business

  3. Messi put Inter Miami and PSG on the balon d'or map. Now I don't want to bet but I don't see any other balon d'or winner in US for at least a century.

  4. Its not over in fact it will starting next season, the thing is that everyone watched the ballon Dor ceremony on TV. Also the it was a friendly game , if it was a reall game you would see it full. So disagree his affect is still high , its just the season ended soon for Miami due to his and Alba injury which affected on the result.

  5. We were told that most of Messi`s money would come from Apple, Adidas and that all MLS clubs would chip in paying for his salary.

  6. The Messi effect is NOT over. Their season is over and it's normally the American thing to move on until the next regular season for that club. Lots of leagues teams try and do stuff as a team and get fans to show up for the event and they usually fail because fans have moved on to the next sport. Inter Miami fans have moved onto the Miami Dolphins and Miami Heat probably until next year.

  7. Julien laurens is penaldo wife he she is in living inrelationship with camelnaldo fraud 0 wc goals n assits for pr merchant penaldo

  8. Haters will always trying to criticise. MESSI is the greatest of all time. Won World Cup at age 35. He has the right to retire now. However, they offered him to go to premier league and even back to Barcelona. But because he is a respected man, he decided to retire in MLS. And he is the best MLS player with distance

  9. If WC was in summer he would have gotten it last november and this year we could have been talking about others more worthy. He should not get it based on his Psg season and MLS.

  10. Comparing MLS season ticket prices to Premier League season prices is a flawed comparison since Top PL teams could literally sell tickets at a loss and it wouldn't be a big deal due to the TV rights deal of Premier League and other top European teams. You could compare MLS to the Championship or League One since the leagues are more evenly matched, but keep in mind that a lot of Championship teams are in financial trouble. They should be charging more instead. Really, a more fair comparison to MLS would be other American sports, especially NFL NCAA American Football and NBA. $884 for season tickets at an MLS stadium is a barging by comparison to those three. Imagine paying $250 for a single game for roughly the same distance from the field as the cheap MLS tickets.

  11. I am a messi fan but his career is over now. He is a legend now, he'll be sitting with football legends on shows, episodes and will be chilling rest of his days as a retired family man playing in mls as his hobby on weekends 😅 The only relevance to world football that he could currently hold would be the copa america 2024

  12. Majority of the people who go football matches in US are latinos. And most most of them cany afford those prices on regullar basis.

  13. Why would americans with little to no emotional connection to the sport spend their hard-earned money on overpriced tickets for a sideshow?

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