Argentina FALLS to Uruguay, 2-0 😱 Messi didn't get on the ball in dangerous areas! – Ale | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC panel react to Argentina’s 2-0 loss to Argentina in the World Cup Qualifiers. This was Argentina’s 2nd loss in the last 52 matches.

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33 opiniones en “Argentina FALLS to Uruguay, 2-0 😱 Messi didn't get on the ball in dangerous areas! – Ale | ESPN FC”

  1. The fact that Argentina is still so dependant on Messi. He said he would retire if he won the WC but yet he has stayed. This will come back and bite them. Mark my words.

  2. Uruguay have a golden generation kinda like Alexis Sanchez/Arturo Vidal Chile.. that's what people aren't seeing that midfield is so good…

  3. Wow, just wow! "Messi didn't get himself into dangerous areas", i bet if it was a certain player, reverse would be the comment. Holding out an opponent's neck on the pitch? No, Messi could never do that, such a calm guy. That must have been a photoshop. But a certain player would get a lot of criticism and abuse for such. Nice one, ESPN. You guys are doing a great job.

  4. What about the lack of respect argentinian had against France after their victory at the last
    WC….we didnt heard about respect from him….

  5. Messi sucks lol 😂
    Messi = ESPN fan boys
    It’s over for the midget. His legs are gone.
    While the other guy ESPN hates can’t stop scoring 💪💪💪

  6. Uruguay have not infact reach the World Cup standards. They were eliminated in the 1st round of the last WC. Morocco a very young team even made it to the semi finals in the last WC. Uruguay lost 2 of their matches to Ecuador and drew with Columbia in these qualifiers, how can they be good. .😢 If they are good they would have won all these qualifiers lol

  7. Wow..very classy Messi.espn see Ronaldo punching someone they would be all over him.
    Messi is showing his true colors the last few years😢😢😢😢😢

  8. Congratulations to uruguay..They played really well..Nothing is gone for Argentina as when you are winning you are unaware of your flaws so it is a check for them..Argentina will be back with their best I am sure

  9. It's very funny that Moreno while speaking English pronounces the country names in Spanish. I've never heard anybody talk like that.

  10. Rodrigo De Paul is a cun*. He doesn't deserve respect, so why should Ugarte give it? Ugarte is Uruguay's RDP. If you can dish it out, you can take it

  11. ESPN and Referees turning into Stevie Wonder when Messi chokes out players…….RONALDO is not fake with his emotions unlike fake humble Messi

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