YOU ARE PLAYING WITH FIRE 🔥 Steve Nicol’s take on Arsenal’s goalkeepers | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Kay Murray, Shaka Hislop, Frank Leboeuf and Steve Nicol discuss the situation with Arsenal’s goalkeepers as David Raya started over Aaron Ramsdale for the consecutive match.

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34 opiniones en “YOU ARE PLAYING WITH FIRE 🔥 Steve Nicol’s take on Arsenal’s goalkeepers | ESPN FC”

  1. These man all arsenal haters 😂 ex chelsea player, ex west ham player and ex Liverpool player. It only makes sense they go with the negative narrative for arsenal

  2. U guys are dinocerous,,,,,,Talking rubbish,,,whats wrong in playing raya here?,,,ramsdale will play too,,,,we all know raya is better so whats problem….and this lebouf thinking scums getting a draw?,,,hahaha bro it will be a easy win for us,,,,we are on a different level,,,,u guys are praying for our loss but dont waste ur time u idiots

  3. Why must he account to the "Media" they dont even like Arsenal we good….we will play our keepers when Super Mik sees fit…..imo Raya #1

  4. I'm sick of this weak mentality. You fight for your spot. Enough of this rubbish. If you're the best you're going to play. I like what Arteta is doing.

  5. Stop this nonsense ESPN. There is no issue here so let the manager do his job. Otherwise its just Anglocentric view that you think a non-British player must not be ahead of a British player. Managers have no obligation to explain to anyone let alone the media every decision they make. Give us a break and celebrate Arsenal victory over PSV not this hogwash.

  6. Love how they are all acting as if Barcelona didn’t win the treble doing this exact thing with Ter Stegen and Bravo. Once it’s arsenal everyone loses their mind

  7. This guys are wicked,
    Your emphasis should be how rich arsenal has become with the amount of players they have have rather than criticism

  8. I like Rambo, but raya offer more in terms of short and long passing and is also more assured with gathering crosses and corners (an area ramsdale isn't good at). Overall Raya is a better keeper. You want to be up there with the best you have to ruthless and that's what arteta doing.

  9. The only person who is panicking is you the pundits 😂😂. We at Asernal we are cruising. Why are you not saying the same on our other players?

  10. What load bs arteta clearly created a culture of competition as if are player are weak minded enough to down tools if another player gets replaced smh it just shows these pundits weak negative mind set to think this way, oh by the way we won 4 nill why the MSM poision its this a joke arteta had his bad run and came out stronger and it was that great documentary that got us Declan rice ffs & how on earth can these pundits with football IQ of a fly have the cheek to judge pep & arteta for taking risk whats is this @espnfc the 🤡show fc with bitter jealous old men giving themselves heart attacks over there own nonsense

  11. the discourse about Arsenal over the past 3 games has been very lazy from the FC crew; not even bothering to properly analyse our actual performances v PSV and Everton for a start whilst focusing on the GKs and then when they actually have mentioned the performances, Arsenal are apparently ‘stuttering’ and ‘not secure’ even though we’ve been mostly very dominant and comfortable in all of these games 😂

  12. No players is gonna ask anything to Arteta.. Because Arteta will just simply axe him. It's what pep has done it is what Arteta is going to do..this is what I be doing an if you are not ok with it you can go out.. Why not competition for gk, nowadays Gk needs to be play as an outfield player too.. Things are changing

  13. The reason these two are't managers is because, 1.They don't listen,2.Not intellegeit enough.The goalkeeers are no.1 for specific games,not hard to understand.

  14. Arteta already know that when Emi martinez was playing well and winning titles and the he said to martinez leno is my number one and the rest is history because now leno didn’t come near to martinez …and this time it will be same for Reya nad Ramsdale

  15. What awful attitudes these supposed sportsmen have. Cry babies who clearly couldn't have handled being part of a squad. Top clubs want 2 top players for every position & that incudes goalkeepers.

  16. They are okay Ramsdale to be on the bench for England,,,but not Arsenal,,,Southgate starts pick Pickford ahead of him,,,Raya is better….this is a process and the moment Raya is progress….

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