HIGHLIGHTS: Inter Miami CF vs. Toronto FC | September 20, 2023

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33 opiniones en “HIGHLIGHTS: Inter Miami CF vs. Toronto FC | September 20, 2023”

  1. It’s very unfair what they’re doing to Messi. Messi is injured. He shouldn’t be playing. I understand the tickets are sold n fans will be upset but it’s not fair to Leo Messi

  2. all the lazy tfc defenders standing and watching, don't pay them because they didn't show up to work, brutal, I hope they are all embaressed

  3. I have a question. Don’t know much about soccer but why would they take Messi off so early. Isn’t he considered one of the best players. Won’t that be a net negative for the team

  4. Messi alone has boosted this whole team to another level. It’s showing in the chemistry and ruthlessness in every individual player. – Highly impressive 🔥🔥

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