HIGHLIGHTS: Charlotte FC vs. Philadelphia Union | September 20, 2023

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34 opiniones en “HIGHLIGHTS: Charlotte FC vs. Philadelphia Union | September 20, 2023”

  1. What's crazy is that Charlotte have dropped 23 points from winning positions this season. They'd be 2nd in the east right now if they had won all of those games.

  2. 4 draws in a row is just baffling, 12 this season is mental considering we were ahead in a lot of them and only fumbled the bag minutes before they ended. Hopefully we learn from our mistakes and come out on top next year

  3. as a Charlotte FC fan it pains me to say that we have possibly blown more "would be" wins than any club in history in a single season. Philly can count themselves lucky that we are more often than not the creators of our own demise. they definitely didnt deserve any points from this game.

  4. Poor Charlotte. They want to be like Atlanta United so desperately but clearly can't bring 40k-60k plus fans a game like Atlanta United does. We didn't even make the post season last season and still had record crowds. It's time to build Charlotte a soccer specific stadium.

  5. 😂 Charlotte effing sucks. It’s hard not to get mad at their defense for being ridiculously stupid. Fire #10 threw the whole game away.

  6. I can’t believe we lost another 2 goal lead, the first Philly goal was incredible, but the tackle at the end made me want to cry

  7. I’m sick of this !!! WE NEED A NEW COACH YESTERDAY ! the one we have clearly can’t even get a win , we need someone who will deliver results

  8. Has anyone seen a worse foul at the end of the game like that? It looked like he deliberately wanted to give them a PK? So weird lol

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