Manchester United LOSES to Bayern Munich, 4-3, in the Champions League 😱 [FULL REACTION] | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC panel reacts to Manchester United’s UEFA Champions League loss to Bayern Munich, marking their 4th loss in the last 6 matches.

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41 opiniones en “Manchester United LOSES to Bayern Munich, 4-3, in the Champions League 😱 [FULL REACTION] | ESPN FC”

  1. Could of, should of ! It wasnt, score was 4-3 close game however you break it down. United mistakes “they are terrible” Bayerns mistakes “small errors”

  2. why sound so surprised? Isn't it as expected? the worst is yet to come. commercial united will lose 7 in a row and 10 hag will be sacked soon.

  3. Bayern didn't look good at all, despite the chances they created. Lots of individual play, so many array passes. I think if that game was in Manchester, Bayern would have likely lost.

  4. So no credit to United at all, just blame Bayern for not being good enough? That’s rubbish. You also keep forgetting half of the team is injured.

  5. The central midfield and defence has been a hole since last season but he chose to spend the money on a goalkeeper who can pass and a midfielder who can’t defend 🤦‍♂️

  6. If a team like Manchester united this current man united team infact if they managed to score three goals on Bayern Munich that means Bayern isn't all that good either no question about it

  7. Burley trying to blame the manager when it’s been obvious for years that these players don’t have the desire to run and close down

  8. Fernandes plays good against mediocre teams but against good teams he shows a aint a a star player..his passing in big games just falls apart..offensive influence is poor..

  9. As a bayern Munich fan boi m I happy we dint loan out TEL !!! He keeps on making things happen off the bench in nail biting situations as for tuchel he probably won’t last bayern pull managers like magic tricks I m pretty sure hansi will be back in a month or so

  10. Everyone is saying it’s a good result for man utd as they scored 3 goals. The goals came when Bayern was comfortable, Bayern could have had atleast 6 goals .

  11. United fans poked jokes about Liverpool last season and now they are facing the exact same defense and midfield problems. Talk about karma. BM will not win UCL, there are much better teams that are better than BM.

  12. Bayern must improve their defence. Otherwise they will have problems against stronger teams. The final score does not reflect the game. Overall they were the better team and dominated ManU at most of the time during the game.

  13. With that kind of performance and results so far, United will be the new "Whipping boys" in the CL and EPL this season. The way united going down soon they will discover oil😂🤪🤣

  14. lmao man city will murder this bayern , if rashford wasnt so lazy hed run in behind that back line of bayern so many times itll make their headspins

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