EA FC 24 RATINGS: OVERRATED or UNDERRATED? 🤔 | #shorts #fifa #soccer #football

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EA FC Sports 24, formerly known as FIFA, have revealed some of the best players ratings of the year.

Our Front Three football experts rate some of the EA FC 24 top rated Premier League players.

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38 opiniones en “EA FC 24 RATINGS: OVERRATED or UNDERRATED? 🤔 | #shorts #fifa #soccer #football”

  1. Rice – underrated (86)
    Tonali – overrated (85)
    Saka – underrated (88)
    TAA – fairly rated
    Bruno – fairly rated
    Rodri – underrated (90)
    Jota – overrated (83)
    Van dijk – overrated (87)
    Casemiro – overrated (88)
    Haaland – fairly rated

    Ratings are only given for the previous season

  2. They are so bad just because Liverpool has a real squad man Trent should be 88 at least you lot are joke thinking overrated

  3. Trent has achieved more in his career than saka will ever do. His impact is far superior on his team than saka and he plays right back. Call him whatever you want but he set the standard for attacking fullbacks and people just hate on the guy for achieving what he has at his age.

  4. Bruno 88 rateed: overrated
    Casemiro 89 rated: overrated
    Diego jota 85 rated: overrated
    Saka 86 rated: fairly rated
    Rodri: underrated ☠️
    They have problems or football is wrong ?

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