Dortmund's 2-0 loss to PSG is NOT surprising – Ale Moreno on their UCL match | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC panel reacts to Borussia Dortmund’s 2-0 loss to Paris Saint-Germain in their UEFA Champions League group stage matchup.

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31 opiniones en “Dortmund's 2-0 loss to PSG is NOT surprising – Ale Moreno on their UCL match | ESPN FC”

  1. That was not a penalty and when they called it , that changed the complexion of the game. Dortmund had to press a bit more and open up…just screwed the game really. Really poor penalty call imho. His arm was practically at his side and there's NOTHING he can do about that. PSG is going to have a lot more problems vs Milan and Newcastle, but that doesn't mean Dortmund are poor and they're still in this. You can say I'm pro-american..but I found it really odd they didn't use Reyna in the middle today because they could have used his attacking prowess imho off the bench. I think he needs to get out of Dortmund unfortunately if the manager continues to not favor him at all in obvious situations.

  2. People won’t admit psg is good, they are a team this season, everyone said this is the group of death so give psg their credit and stop hating

  3. the truth is this psg team is new and still getting to know one and other! they will inprove as games goes by! if any teams expect to beat them! now is the time! if they win the next two games its a wrap! kylian was not good today, kolo muani was not good either, manuel ugarte was not himself based on his recent injuries, ousmane dembelle was fustrating and they still could have won 5 nail!

  4. Dortmund has the wrong coach right now, and players who can't show why they get a payday. But you can't rule out that by the next month things won't change if they make the right changes.

  5. PSG wins: "The opponent was weak and PSG was lucky😡"

    PSG loses:
    "PSG is bad, as soon as they face a real team they lose😂"

    I have rarely seen a team have so many haters🤣🤣🤣

  6. Calm down everyone, losing 2-0 in Paris is not the end of the world. Milan didn't win at home, Dortmund will bounce back next game at home against Milan without any dought.

  7. Paris Saint Germain's win for me is not surprising, but when I see Milan-Newcastle game, it looks like the Group of Death becomes in reality because Milan's mentality is ruined after the catastrophic derby defeat. I think Milan will only snatch the Europa League spot and lost to Liverpool 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Madrid gets a lucky penalty in the 88th min – “They have a champion’s mentality” “wow madrid”. PSG dominates an exciting game – “Dortmund isn’t the same”

  9. Dortmund were awful looked completely rudderless .They are wholly unambitious as a club as they just get young players for a couple of seasons and sell them on, they look to be going nowhere, them blowing the title last season is going to haunt them for the next decade or more.

  10. That should never be a pen in a million year. He stretched for the tackle, he needs his hand for support when falling. What on earth can he do about that. It’s common sense, but it’s not common nowadays with these Refs and VAR officials.

  11. You lot are hypocritical and biased, you guys criticized Newcastle for drawing against Milan who lost on the weekend but said nothing about Dortmund losing to PSG who also lost on the weekend. Not to mention it's Newcastle's first time in years. Just a bunch of excuses for Dortmund who actually had Champions League experience.

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