‘They looked CONFUSED!’ Why Germany had to sack Hansi Flick after loss vs. Japan | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Archie Rhind-Tutt joins Gab Marcotti and Don Hutchison on The Gab & Juls Show to discuss Germany’s sacking of Hansi Flick.

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47 opiniones en “‘They looked CONFUSED!’ Why Germany had to sack Hansi Flick after loss vs. Japan | ESPN FC”

  1. I give him credits for trying to play attractive football but his defence line was too high…and Flick kept playing the same players…Havertz as a striker, Schlotterbeck, Kimmich and Gündogan are even captains now…but the real leader is still Thomas Müller…

  2. Germany is not hansi flick fault, that team has lacked serious quality since 2014. 2014 had some of the best players in their position at club level, the players today are just not their.

  3. As a german i can just say that 80% of german football fans are str8 up dumb and think a new trainer will bring new results. The other 20% have a brain and know that except literally just 3 players in our team everyone else is trash. No Trainer in the world could save this german national team and no trainer with brain will risk his reputation and take over this garbage team

  4. It is still funny listening to a Yank talking about football. They still do not get it. It is the same if as a German would talk about Basketball or an Englishman about Handball.

  5. plz plz plz dear DFB, let Jürgen Klinsmann be the successor of Hansi Flick. Take him back to Deutschland. We Koreans are begging you.

  6. Ironic that Germany, which dominated against every opponent during 2014 – 2017, it's downfall started real when they actually lost to South Korea in 2018 World Cup. Then losing to Japan twice within a year. When Asian Teams have been dominant over Germany, then we see that Germany are in really a messy phase.

  7. Remove Rudiger and sule. Esp Rudiger has no ball handling techniques and also he is not deserved to be a defence leader. Very irresponsible. The German defence team have no discipline because Rudiger's poor management skills.

    The only advantage in this German national team is the captain İlkay Gündoğan. This captain is intelligent with well discipline. Gundogan can rebuild up the current German team with his profound football experience and intelligence to organise the smart scheme of communication system to create same consensuses within this team with some discipline.

    Select national team baller based on the captain Gündoğan. But remove poor disciplined players from the team.

    This is the first priority for the German national team to improve their national team.

  8. The reason Germany keeps losing: LAZINESS. Germany used to be fast, super aggressive, ruthless, and clinical. Half the German team with leave the pitch with blood on their Jersey, staples in their head, legs, shoulders if playing against Suarez. Teams feared Germany. They knew Germany would pummel and hurt you. They knew Germany would counter quicker than lightning.

    Now? Just ball watching, waiting for another player to do something. Do you want to win or not? F*CKING FIGHT FOR IT. You have team doctors for a reason.

  9. what you guys mean that Germany lost to Japan I guarantee you even France or England play against this Japanese team will not win. Give respect to Japan what they deserve

  10. The font in the thumbnail really made it look like it said "f**k sacked by Germany". Which would have been funny. My cynical mind wonders if that was on purpose to try to catch some eyeballs.

  11. I think we are at the end of high-possession teams who play with one tempo. Japan played just like Brighton, who seem to employ measured intensity. They played in two tempos: counter-attacking and possession out of the back that Brighton and Unai Emery's teams have perfected. In this game, the German's couldn't press Japanese defenders when they played out of the back. Japan had such fluidity with progressing the ball out from the back. Futhermore, German was more dangerous when Sane, much to my shock, took on a defender and put the ball in the box. It's risky when the high-press is on but if you get through it, you get the one vs one which Mitoma did well, especially when they doubled him. Even Barca has had to transition from their high-possession oriented game. Liverpool are also shifting to Klopp's old tempo and has drafted in mid-fielders who play at a higher tempo than Fabhino whom i love but seemed to be ineffectual.
    Man-City is the only team that can dominate the ball because if you press them hard, they shift the ball to Grealish who is an amazing ball-carrier or chip it to Haaland who is just a cheat code with his speed and power. Yet even last year against Inter, they were under pressure by a team who played this new way of playing where you have about 40% of the possession, that's mostly your goalie and defenders, and when counter off the high-press of the other team.
    I could be wrong but i think the game is changing as always & Germany is going though the same turmoil they inflicted on Brazil years back.

  12. Unfortunately the national team has long been control by Bayern Munich and with some of them being inconsistent most of the time and having some old players they should have retired or force out of the squad

  13. A lot of people are commenting on the poor defense, but look at the front. He's stuck picking between Kai Havertz and Timo Werner up front. Of course they're gonna suck.

  14. Kimmich is an original right back!
    Not an experiment!

    Bayern won the Champions League with Kimmiich as right back in 2020.

    Germany won the world cup in 2014 with Kimmich as right back!

  15. 진지하게 말씀드립니다. 독일인들에게 그들의 축구 영웅인 Jurgen Klinsmann이 필요한 시간입니다. 지금 당장 데려가도 좋습니다. 그 대신에 Hansi Flick은 한국팀 감독이 되면 좋겠습니다. Hansi Flick은 아시안컵에서 일본에게 복수할 기회가 생길 수도 있습니다. 63년 만에 아시안컵 우승을 노리는 한국팀과 동기부여가 확실한 감독이 만나면 상승작용이 일어날 것입니다. 독일과 한국의 축구협회가 이 문제를 빠른 시일 내에 만나서 의논하는 자리를 마련했으면 합니다. 물론 Klinsmann의 빠른 사퇴가 이 문제 해결의 실마리가 될 수 있을 것입니다.

  16. Well Bayern won the league with over 15 different managers in like the last 2 decades lol. It doesn't really prove that he was a world class coach. The dude couldn't coach anything for Germany.

  17. As someone who has lived and grew up in a few different countries, it's so weird that now my second team, Scotland, feels much more positive than my first team, Germany.

  18. The worst run of performances in the national team's history. Germany are used to dominating if not being in contention for every title. He had to go!

  19. Beating Germans used to be an achievement for any teams. Always rooting for the Dutch so usually Germany lost made me kind of happy, but now not anymore. It seems like every team had a chance against them.

  20. I'm sorry, as much as I liked him in the beginning at Bayern, he got lucky with an exceptional squad that was exceptionally poorly coached before. By Nico Kovac, who got the whole dressing room on their heals about who would be the next axed after Thomas Müller. All he needed to do is be nice and respectful with the players and do what they wanted, but Nico wouldn't let them: Press ultrahigh and shoot one more than the others. Famous Kovac quote goes something like: You can't play like a Ferrari when you only have a VW. In his second year at Bayern you could already see that all the keeping the dressing room professional long term was over his head. He needed new players (which mostly sucked) and got into a beef with Brazzo. It sank in very slowly because they were still good enough to win. But it wasn't pretty anymore. Mostly. He is a very nice guy and a bad coach.

  21. DFB-Team….After being humiliated WORLD CUP DUBAI 2022 and back home early…..(23 NOV 2022) GERMANY 1 – 2 JAPAN. R u wanna prove to whole Planet or Galaxy that DFB-Team still a strong team. MAke a Friendly FIFA Match at HOME GROUND. During World Cup Dubai 2022…Before the game start "Germany players cover mouths in protest against FIFA clampdown on free speech in ‘OneLove’ armband row"- By Ben Morse and Don Riddell, CNN Updated 9:01 PM EST, Wed November 23, 2022 Bro…bro…bro…My advise you German Football Federation (DFB) that If you enter a country, you must RESPECT the country and their religion ISLAM. And even more SAD….U lost AGAIN!!! At HOME!!!! Double Kick bro…..WHAT A SHAME bro….HAHAHAHA 😂😂😂…RESPECT….RESPECT.

  22. A lot of people say that Madoff is the greatest scammer of all time, but I think that Kai Havertz is up there. I mean the guy has convinced many that he’s actually a good footballer.

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