Ale Moreno: 'England lacked CREATIVITY vs. Ukraine!' + Harry Kane's Spurs NOT a disaster? | ESPN FC

Ale Moreno, Shaka Hislop and Luis Garcia join Sebastian Salazar on ESPN FC to break down England’s 1-1 draw with Ukraine before discussing Harry Kane’s comments on Tottenham Hotspur not winning while he was team captain.

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36 opiniones en “Ale Moreno: 'England lacked CREATIVITY vs. Ukraine!' + Harry Kane's Spurs NOT a disaster? | ESPN FC”

  1. Of course Macguire is part of the attacking problem. This idea that defenders just defend is dumb. The attack starts with the defense. The fact that Maguire is starting and is terrible with the ball is part of the problem. That Southgate insists on playing 2 Dms is the other reason they lack attacking impitus. England doesnt need 2 dms. You cant attack with 4 players and expect to be creative.

  2. Comparing Bundesliga to premier league.. it’s not a
    Comparison.. where would Bayern be in the English premier league? Right at the top? Top 4? 😅🙈 So odd that Bayern.. have to win every game when they going to win the league anyway. I think Bayern would be lucky to make top 4 in the EPL.. maybe even finish 6th. What’s the point winning a league that everyone knows one team is up for. I get there is champions league spots available but such a strange orchestrated league.. why would anyone enjoy watching it

  3. If you’re lacking creativity, give more pivotal role to Bellingham clearly he can score and create. Also Saka’s form is down this season, may need others to pick up

  4. Cmon people, I don’t know whether this will clear things up or make them worse…but I’ve heard from good source that Southgate picks the team and tactics whilst wearing the brown paper bag on his head from his pizza advert. Apparently it’s his lucky bag 🤷🏼‍♂️

  5. Very poor game by Southgate. Foden must start, not Madison. And time to let go of Mguire, I respect coach’s stance in his regard, but England has better. You’re holding your mouth in the back for a mistake that’s about to happened. Mguire might be manu scapegoat but he definitely makes mistakes.

  6. Maguire not at fault for Ukraine goal. Kane, no 9, passes from half line to Walker, right back, to run in and score. Where are the midfield then? And the strikers? Did Bellhead dribble and trip himself and then swell up his face for the opposing defenders?

  7. England is sh!t come on guys the foreign players around them at their clubs make them look extra. Once theyre summoned together theyre this

  8. You don’t leave home and torch the place and close the door, critics don’t need much of an excuse to jump on BS and take comments out of context,Harry Kane has over night lost alot of credit with the spurs fan base who have loyally supported him, he will face a fire storm of criticism from Spurs fans and perhaps next time Harry choice of words when referring to Spurs would be more grateful and respectful.

  9. Please sack Southgate, we can’t take this Maguire embarrassment anymore. How did he become England manager is still a misery. Zero CV

  10. Harry Maguire literally made a mistake yesterday, not only put makes England 11weaker but also disrupt the whole camp mood, You got players in a UCL semi (Tamori), fighting for the league (Ben white) and players who are playing at a very high level technically (Lewis Dunk) all on the bench for someone who repetitively makes mistake for England.

  11. That moment Jordan Henderson gave up on chasing his runner was the end of his career at this level. Good luck in the semi retirement league.

  12. Swap Maguire for Dier and it was like watching last seasons Spurs.

    It’s the Capt Marvellous effect! The cloud has lifted over WHL and settled over Wembley

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