Will Kylian Mbappé play at all this season? 😰 | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew weigh in on Kylian Mbappé’s possible future with the PSG following his thigh injury and give their thoughts on what he should do given his situation.

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30 opiniones en “Will Kylian Mbappé play at all this season? 😰 | ESPN FC”

  1. For me he is the biggest fraud in football. Arrogant and cheap. Every year the same BS. He will go to Madrid yeah now he will go sure and at the end he will stay in Paris 5 years more. He is just a coward and he k knows he can't pull that BS at real or elsewhere!

  2. If he moves to Saudi for a year everyone will be happy. PSG get their money, Real Get him for Free and Mbappe makes ton of money too.

  3. Why give this turtle all the attention ? He’s a clown lol he can stay at psg Real Madrid don’t need him

  4. Mbappe will now do whatever he wants. If his employer will have him sit home and still get paid, that’s extra if you ask me.

  5. Too much money thats always the problem , if they were caped to a very reasonable 50.000 a month than this things didnt happened.

  6. I don't think there's any club other than PSG that's willing to shell out 150+ mil for a single striker that doesn't even bother to defend and has a huge ego.

  7. Then why not include president naseer al khelaifi and their Qatari owners as a notable exiles/ undesirables too removing them first is the best decision club can make then think about players. Make the club look normal perhaps then their decade long French dominance will look genuine 😂😂

  8. Who cares? Mbappe is wasting everyone’s time and his own. Please make a decision, you spoiled BRAT!!!

  9. Mbappe doesn’t want to play and Neymar wants to leave, PSG might aswell cut their losses and get rid of them

  10. Ironically, with the signings they've made under Enrique, PSG has become a much more balanced team. (On paper, at least.)
    PSG should suck it up and give it one last go with the squad they have.

    But then we all know how incompetent (and probably criminal) their leadership is.

  11. I think Mbappé is going to leave this summer, while he said that he’s not leaving I believe he only said that just so he can see PSG’s reaction if Mbappé isn’t sold this summer he might be sold in January.

  12. I don’t like Cristiano Ronaldo 2.0 but I respect him for how he played PSG that tries to win the UCL with money and not homegrown talent

  13. Unfortunately Mbappe has PSG in check mate they just keep looking worse how they treat him instead of letting him leave in grace you just slandering him. Its like trying to break up with that girl nobody want but she telling you she gonna "k*Ll" herself, that's not his problem.

  14. Did you notice that top players from the PSG are straggling to ge a job like Pembappe, Ramos and Neymar 😂😂😂. Only Messi was wanted by many teams ❤❤❤

  15. I like it. He’s changing the narrative by seeming to run down his contract and save Madrid a transfer fee

  16. psg has done a lot for Mbape so if he doesnt wanna play for them anymore why not let them make some money off of him? He can go to his favourite club Madrid and Psg can get a bit of money for all the investment they have made for him. I dont get why he is so serious on not leaving until contract ends. Is it cause if he leaves on free transfer he gets to have more salary on the next club?

  17. Liverpool should offer Salah for Kilian as a straight swap. The Qararis and the Muslim world would be over the moon and Liverpool would have an outstanding champion with fresh legs and a point to prove.

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