Neymar set to RETURN to Barcelona 😱 'I'm VERY excited!' – Luis Garcia | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC panel reacts to reports the Neymar is set to return to Barcelona after leaving 6-years-ago.

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20 opiniones en “Neymar set to RETURN to Barcelona 😱 'I'm VERY excited!' – Luis Garcia | ESPN FC”

  1. Neymar needs to come back. Yes he's 31 but see what benzema did after turning 30, what Cristiano did after turning 30. My man ney just needs a little support and we culers are here for it the rest just need to show a little dedication then alongside lewa and raphina he'll be unstoppable, he still at least got 2, 3 prime years

  2. Mbappe vs Neymar in La Liga? Could RM swoop in for Neymar instead and have VNR? Both interesting yet one is actually realistic

  3. I told everybody Messi was coming to the MLS and nobody believe me. Everybody laughed at me then now look Neymar is 31. He’s looking for the money now. Barcelona doesn’t have that and I’m gonna say it again this time Neymar will come to America.

  4. Who wasn't expecting that response from burnley 😢, why Messi didn't stay with the loyalty and carry the team, no he left for PSG, now because Lewandowski etc was there he tried to come back and it couldn't happened, he never spoke about what about Dembelle or Raphina playing time? Now it's Neymar? What about cavi etc this man is a piece of glass and not hard to see he just hates certain players, all these guys you hating on had better careers than you by far, these men horrible, like Luis Garcia being fair to him, he is not out of it, who more talented at Barcelona in his position to be real currently?

  5. Barca need money. He is just coming for a year. Ansu Fati can’t even sell jerseys. Gavi and Pedri are the ones selling Jerseys

  6. If leaving Barcelona was a big mistake in the past than returning to Barcelona will be the biggest mistake in his life. Neymar, DO NOT return.

  7. Qs a barca fan i think we have moved on and now i believe it's time for guys like Ansu , Ferran to step up. I'm not quite sure if we need Neymar at this time considering we have an experienced guy in the form of Lewa

  8. He’s better than Bembele and way way better than Raphina. Under Xavi and playing for a real club I’m sure his antics won’t continue here like they are in that rat club psg

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