Will Luis Enrique find success as PSG manager? | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Sebastian Salazar, Steve Nicol, Craig Burley and Luis Garcia discuss what it will take for Luis Enrique to bring success to PSG.

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24 opiniones en “Will Luis Enrique find success as PSG manager? | ESPN FC”

  1. Only Neymar played Weill last season until he injured. The balance is destroyed once naymer is injured .

  2. Neymar was the only forward defending last season and still putting incredible offensive numbers despite not taking penalties. Give Neymar a proper number 9 like Harry Kane or Oshimen, fire the arrogant turtle Mbappe, and see PSG play beautiful football.

  3. Can't believe these guys think Neymar doesn't defend
    Didn't they watch psg last season?

    Get rid of Neymar particularly? These guys and their hate on Neymar is embarrassing

  4. When if we search football transfer news online it always starts with some english club and not world football news…there are billins who doesnt care what happened to arsenal or tottenham or chelsea….

  5. They’re never gna win the CL with the current crop of players unless he demands nothing but commitment. The current crop of players are too big headed.

  6. After 1 season with zero Ucl trophy, manager gets sacked easily. Thats why Klopp & Pep are smart not to. Same old same old Psg 😆😆

  7. ESPN talking everybody but City
    The Treble Winners
    Only about speculative charges
    Media/Establishment Agenda against City?🤔

  8. The worst aspect of the PSG team is their midfield, Sanchez, Ruiz are all waste of money. Vitinha is too inconsistent. They could have won a lot with that attack of MNM if only that midfield could carry their weight.

  9. The hatred towards Neymar is absolutely insane that’s the first person they blamed. Ney is the only player who ever got Paris to the golden gates the team failed him the fans failed him he didn’t fail them

  10. As much as we Hate on the new rich clubs Let's be honest Most of us who love Football want PSG to have a Good Ending Just like City Did. The now have a Manager that can Make them Win it if they give Enrique As much time as Guardiola did.

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