Stay or go? Gab & Frank debate if Neymar will remain at PSG | ESPN FC

Gab Marcotti and Frank Leboeuf join ESPN FC to discuss Neymar’s future as they debate if he’ll remain at PSG, transfer to another European club but take a pay cut or move to Saudi Arabia.

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40 opiniones en “Stay or go? Gab & Frank debate if Neymar will remain at PSG | ESPN FC”

  1. France is awesome but honestly, Parisians are insufferable. Especially to calm and quiet folk like Messi and Neymar..

  2. SAD FACT: Neymar joined PSG at 25… don't let that sink away… Wasted 5 years of his prime years at a farmers league….. Sad. he could've been competing for Ballon dor… he choose money. He should've joined PSG now when he is 31.. not 25.. That Barca Neymar was just too good for PSG…

  3. What the Saudis are doing is incredible. They really do play the long game out there in the middle east. Imagine buying big clubs, now poaching players with increasing ease.

  4. These guys are on drugs I guess. 18 goals, 16 assists, half the season injured, and he did poorly. You guys are definitely smoking something. Honestly, these pundits never achieved a quarter of these stats.

  5. For all those asking why neymar is being seen as a failure it’s not bcuz of his productivity it’s always been amazing it’s bcuz his only played over 30 games twice and the most was 31 games his great but what’s the point when he only plays half the season and misses the crucial ucl games or is being rushed back to play them not 100% psg should have went far with neymar Messi and mbappe but the first year he was being rushed back with injury and this year you could see how good those three are when they have their chemistry but again missed the 2nd leg

  6. They went to his house and told him to leave the club, I wouldn't stay at that toxic club and their toxic fanbase if I was Neymar.

  7. Probably easier to stay where he is as their best player or go to Saudi than get shown up in a real league.

    If I see another pic of him in a Chelsea shirt I'll lose it, even in our current state wouldn't want him near the club.

  8. I don't think the premier league would be too kind to his body. He could go back to La Liga but personally I'd love to see him take a pay cut and help out a Serie A team like Inter. The PSG experiment is failing. He shouldn't be done with Europe yet. Would still love to see him competitive in the next world cup

  9. He already won the CL so the best he can do now is look for a rich club to milk and set his grand kids future.

  10. If Neymar wants to leave PSG and still be in Europe then they need to let him leave on an initial loan, it's too much of a gamble to buy him straight away because of his injury record.

  11. he should just go to any team that is ready to build arround him and then go full throttle on ballon dor he only has 3 years left after that its finished

  12. For the entirety of his spell with PSG, he has shown good numbers but always goes missing in champions league either due to pressure or injuries. PSG just need to build team around Mbappe!

  13. I’m so tired of the Neymar hate. He’s a wonderful player and a good guy. I would love him to come to MLS and play with Messi.

  14. the way people talk about neymar you would think his stats are lackluster or something but this dude got 18 and 16 in 29 games thats still high level ball

  15. Neymar was really good last fall. Then the world cup interrupted the flow of many players. In addition he acquired a long-term injury. Once he recovers form it, he will show his magic again.

  16. I love it psg doing down and french league becoming trash bec i want frank to moan about french league as he find premiere league football boring

  17. At this point it is better for Neymar to move on from PSG. MBAPPE's presence at PSG right now has caused non French super stars soccer ⚽️ players to not feel at home there. They don't seems happy to be there anymore so he should move on. In my opinion 😮

  18. Lol Neymar is great they tried to blame him for PSGs play and when he got injured they played even worse… casuals

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