The Last Dance for Lionel Messi at Barcelona 👀 | ESPN FC

Luis Miguel Echegaray explains why Lionel Messi is reportedly seeking a move back to Barcelona.
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35 opiniones en “The Last Dance for Lionel Messi at Barcelona 👀 | ESPN FC”

  1. 'Last Dance' aside, I hope Messi becomes the Mentor of a young dressing room. His best years are behind him, but he will be home. Time to raise the kids as it were, and see them continue the legacy.

  2. He should go to the premiere league and play for Brighton and Aston Villa. He will destroy the top four by himself !!!

  3. This guy is probably the only intellectual pundit. Even the real Barca fans (not just simply Messi fans but fans of the club) would agree with this. The whole reason behind bringing him back for marketing purposes to boost up incoming money I get but as a footballing perspective, no. They will take one step back and rely on him once again to bail them out rather than using the money they just received to buy young player who will make the difference and stay for the future.

  4. don't forget Messi won the best player and won the world cup less than a year ago, a pragmatist would want him in barca his home where the fans would die for him, as a teammate and a mentor for such a strong young squad

  5. Pedri and Gavi will still have a major role to play with Messi in the team. Just like he did with Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets. Messi also gives a boost to the players in practice as well. His mere presence makes the players focus more and take the practices seriously. Ronaldo Koeman spoke about the Messi effect in practice extensively. It would also give Barcelona another veteran leader and captain since 3 of their captains left the club in Pique, Busquets and Jordi Alba. I can see Messi combining with Lewandowski, Pedri, Gavi, De Jong, Dembele etc. The only thing Messi doesnt do at his age is press during the extent of the full game. He more than makes up for it in terms of linking play, breaking press, creativity, creating chances etc. Barca will benefit from having Messi on the team. Messi will feel rejuvenated coming back to where he belongs and is supported. He knows his clock is ticking to add on to any silverware he can get for a couple more years.

  6. I think Messi will retire and move to Hollywood to start a career as an actor. He'll get small roles like an Oompa Loompa to start and he will impress everyone so much that they will put him right into a feature film like "The Peter Dinklage Story" where Messi will play Peter Dinklage bc they are the same height. 😂

  7. He is giving away 1.2 billion deal to be at Barcelona and u r taking abt this being the last dance, a poet’s dream and what b**l s**t that comes first in ur mind.
    Thank u for ur input but it was not needed.

  8. Messi is always a threat even at this moment there are only few players at the standard Messi is rn and if he returns to Barca where he's loved who says his form won't be even better than psg.. I say Messi to Barca anyday let him finish with us…

  9. I wouldnt be surprised if Messi doesn't go to barca and ends up in Saudi. Just like with Ronaldo last season they hyped up him going to Chelsea or Atletico then all of a sudden we see he made a deal in Saudi. Of course it's convenient for these guys to put out a video or two every day talking about Messi going to Barca because it's what gets them views but we could be in for a surprise… we'll see 🤷‍♂️

  10. Soccer changes so much , I can't even just two years who would have thought Ronaldo would go from UTD to Saudi
    Messi leaving Barca . To PSG and going back to Barca
    Benzi gonna win Balln'Dor and leave madrid 😅
    Lewa joins Barca
    And most importantly
    Zlatan the football god retires!!

  11. The G.O.A.T let go off a 1.2 BILLION $ deal from Al Hilal for the place he loves the most and for his passion!
    The literal greatest player in the history of the sport and arguably every major sport out there in this world.

  12. I just hope he ends his "player" career at a club where he is not booed for literally kicking the ball.

  13. Bro stfu, messi is the best creator and we will be better with him, this barca young squad surely needs experience in their team

  14. Even if he doesn’t play for them I can DEFINITELY see him joining the Barca staff as a coach or assistant when he retires

  15. More like the last chance to end his barca career on a bad note as he's finished. He should go to the retirement leagues.

  16. This falls under „content“. Barca didn’t want him anymore before he left the first time. There not that stupid now to be held to ransom for a guy to walk around the pitch. Greatest of all time in my opinion but not for many years now.

  17. He’ll probably coach for them as well after he retires from playing, he can play his game, he is an architect of the game, well said. I really hope he returns.

  18. Messi can have a different role at Barcelona and be a mentor to players like Fati, Pedri, Gavi, and De Jong!! He doesn’t really have to play on the field much and can be a super sub!!

  19. Everything is somebody's last dance now. I love Messi but it's such a reach he nor Barca hasn't won the CL in 8 years. It's not like Jordan's last season with the Bulls at all!

  20. Im a milan so i have experience talking about this lol so we had a very young team with talent but no real leader and we stayed around 6th then we signed ibra back a supposed washed old ibra from the mls. So fast forward and we won the league because every one of those young players rallyed behind ibra and became fighters and winners. I belive messi will do the same he is so big in barca that those players will wana die for messi and messi will guied them thew the hard times and make champions of them

  21. Bro the club said farewell to busquets with good replacements like pedri,gavi,dejong ,they got rif of pique and now use kounde/arajo and alba with alejandro balde.The club has moves on so why bring back a player from a generation which you already said good by to this season

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