Messi training with PSG after apology 👀 Juls says that it doesn't matter: 'He will leave the club!'

The ESPN FC crew discusses Lionel Messi’s future with Paris Saint-Germain following his return to training after he apologized for his trip to Saudi Arabia.

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45 opiniones en “Messi training with PSG after apology 👀 Juls says that it doesn't matter: 'He will leave the club!'”

  1. This club is a circus and they have no ideology. Jules is just blindly trying to back them even though he knows the suspension is no sense and then reduced to 1 week.

  2. messi is too slow too fat since coming back from WC. psg is mad to renew his expensive contract. messi keeps saying he loves barca, yet he never says he also love money. if he really want european football, play for cheap at barca. but we know he loves saudi money. useless money grubber at his expired age

  3. Looser fans check you bank account balance and look after your family. Why waste energy, emotions and time after these ballers who bring zilch to your life.

  4. Juls doesn’t like Messi at all
    Every time when talking about him he doesn’t look happy,
    If Messi wanted to stay in Paris he should accept the contract longtime ago, because PSG offered him the extension of contract 5 months ago but he never signed it, now the French Media and PSG want to make it like they don’t want him to leave 😂
    His mind is not in PSG .
    He is the best player in the history of football he has won everything he wanted, he can even retire now

  5. Jules should be ashamed of himself and cover his face forever after all his biased criticisms. Instead of admitting that two weeks suspension made no sense, he became completely oblivious about it. Somebody tell him that's the whole PSG club did right the wrongs by cutting it short, so, what is he waiting for?!!! . So shameful and despicable act from a pundit.

  6. Jules is such a clown. He speaks like if PSG is a big club 😆. The biggest clown club in Europe for sure, but not the biggest football club in the world 🤡🤡🤡. Jules speaks of PSG like if it is the most important thing in the planet.

  7. this is realy rediculous to hear juls talk about Messi as if he is a child MESSI is bigger than the club and he knows that

  8. Shame on you Juls,go find sth else to do in rest of life,don't make a spectacle of yourself here.

  9. Half cooked Jules is speaking as if messi wants to stay and asked for an apology. 😂😂😂😂 stupid guy. Messi doesn't wanna stay even if you guys offer him 100m next season. No chance.

  10. He has no future at PSG. The fans absolutely hate his guts and want him out of their sight asap and using their own words…"Messi was a complete and total fiasco", not to mention he humiliated thousands of Parisian fans all over social media and made his stock go down everywhere in the world faster than Enron and the Lehman brothers, to a point he had to apologize to do some " damage control". How is that for your fake goat created by you the fake ESPN FC?

  11. Who cares about PSG anyway, just a money club nothing real here. They literally pay Michael Jordan, a basketball superstar, for football shirt sales lol, 5% royalty or sth

  12. Really now. Not because of the’s the drastic drop in viewership. The apology provided the cover for psg management to go back on their suspension decision.

  13. In no way do I want to go through the horror, of Jose Mourinho ever managing Messi. NO WAY!

  14. His performances are definitely better than last season.
    If he plays in Barca/MLS next season he could definitely come back to his insane norm we knew him for 14 years in a row.
    People don't speak about but in 4 games he can become the most titled footballer of all time whit 43 trophies.

    Edit: btw missing 1 training session (we don't even know if it was his fault) is NOT adiquite ground for 2 weeks suspension. (In U-20 team ye maybe as a hit on the wrist) but this is the BIGGEST TEAM IN FRANCE and the pettiness is ridiculous . They are aware Messi is a professional and would never break a rule he is aware of.

  15. Lol when did Messi apologise to the club? Only the team mates. But Jules hears what the club projects

  16. After messi joined psg the club got around 60M followers in instagram. We will see how many will they have after messi leaves

  17. Jose could possibly get a tune out of PSG, however, he is just like Pep in terms of the biggest ego in the team has to be them. With all the "stars" at PSG, idk how it would play out. If he can get them to fall in line, then fair play

  18. Which club they are talking about actually? psg, is it? Is that at all a club??? Apart from selling huge numbers of no 30 shirts and some number of number 10 shirts they didn't have anything to offer neither they will have anything in future.

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