Could PSG lose Messi AND Neymar this summer? 😱 | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew discusses Lionel Messi’s apology to Paris Saint-Germain and speculate whether the club could lose Messi and Neymar this summer.

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21 opiniones en “Could PSG lose Messi AND Neymar this summer? 😱 | ESPN FC”

  1. Psg is awaful club I have ever see, they are so lucky to have best players at their club, instead of suppporting their players they boo them, they insults them , they attack them. For going at Neymers house what does that mean?

  2. Sure he's injury prone & can be laz, but he's their 4th all time top scorer. PSG fans have no respect & are entitled.

  3. Neymar
    Toxic player, floop of the year, half time he is off pitch,, Messi
    Media/System goat! We don't need those two at psg! Neymar get lostttttttt your time is up! Floop

  4. Good move by Messi. Even there's no bigger name on football today than Messi, yet he apologized. I can think of only one player who propably would never ever apologize. I come in peace. Don't want any trouble 😂

  5. Thought they could buy the success with the biggest names FOH!!! Shows that smart spending> total spending. Chelsea proves this as well this season

  6. PSG – No player is bigger than the club

    Also psg – making mbappe owner pf the club😂😂😂😂😂

    Trash club😂

  7. PSG is too dramatic. There is always something going on with players or manager. If the can seem to control this super star get them out. Real mastic in the years of the galactico we never had so much drama

  8. Just because Messi apologizes doesn't mean PSG were right in their decision. Messi clearly said he didn't know about the extra training session, he only found out about it when he was on his way to SA. PSG should have told him right after the game, the club knew about Messi's trip for a long time. Messi is just being polite, even if this nonsense wasn't his fault.

  9. Neymar was an expensive mistake, as unprofessional and petulant as he is talented and that’s a shame. Messi? Has flopped there, he hasn’t been performing and in the CL he didn’t do what he came to do, those are facts.

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