What can U.S. soccer change for a deeper World Cup run in 2026? | ESPN FC Daily

Frank Leboeuf joins the ESPN FC Daily team to wonder how the potential of this USMNT can be turned into results at the 2026 World Cup the USA will co-host alongside Canada and Mexico.

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35 opiniones en “What can U.S. soccer change for a deeper World Cup run in 2026? | ESPN FC Daily”

  1. Take the MLS out to compete on international tournaments like Copa Libertadores.
    If you don’t play against the best of the continent you won’t improve.

  2. I disagree. Look at a lot of the recent top NBA draft picks. A lot of them came from wealthy families. Sure, coming up from little means, can make you hungry, but wealth can also you buy the best training and nutrition.

  3. Can we see more push for Ban Pay to Play in the supporters sections of AO and MLS. It would have a greater effect for young kids of all races, sexual orientation, and religion and would have a positive impact on the game we all love.

  4. Pepi and Ferreira represented the 'under-represented minority community' and yet Pepi got left out of the roster, while Ferreira sat on the bench in group stages and got fed on the grinder as the fall guy in the knockouts smh

  5. I coached a comp team in East San Jose at a non profit club and 90% of the players are Latino , our boys top level comp team we would beat many of those pay for play club that pay up to $250 a month. Latinos are represented on the US youth teams but it hasn't translated into the senior team.

  6. Netherlands coach in a tweet summed how Greg lack experience tactically….. Greg didn't adjust to what the Netherlands were doing. Not knowing how to defend those 45 degree passes , it happen on the 1st , and then on the 2nd goal…

  7. Athletic development in the U.S. is not conducive for success in soccer. In the U.S., athletics has always been tied to academics. Around the world, youth development is investment based. They essentially identify kids, remove them from school, train them, feed them, cloth them, and then if he succeeds they get a cut. This would never work in the U.S. because the non-academic angle is abhorrent to American culture. As such, soccer in the U.S. has attempted to tread a middle ground where they stay loyal to the academic model of player development while incorporating aspects of successful programs around the world. It’s good enough to get to the knockout stage, if lucky quarterfinals but beyond that is just not very feasible. Also, coaching in general is very poor among Americans. I don’t understand why the U.S. is so fixated on hiring American coaches. Bring in someone from abroad. Many countries have coaches from other countries. They also keep coaches who fail. No other country does this. If you fail to win the World Cup, you’re usually gone. In any other country, the U.S. coach would have been fired already for that amateur performance he put on.

  8. The USMNT 🇺🇸 never got out of first and second gear ⚙️. Can’t do that if you want to win games. Need more leadership, OFFENSE, grit, determination, and passion!

  9. Hope Balogun will develop as hoped and get him capped asap? Even longer term yeah getting rid of pay to play will help. However that would take more then 4 years to pay off.

  10. Frank Laboeuf is so correct about how soccer players in the USA are selected and get involved. The game is limited to folks who are essentially kinda well off. The pay to play system is hurting the game. The USA players lack that edge. I'm a Chelsea fan and I've gotten tired watching Pulisic's indifference and lack of an edge when he plays for the USA and Chelsea the guy gets pushed around and there is no fight back from him.

  11. If they continue to play soccer they won’t go far in 2026,they will be beaten by teams that actually play football.

  12. I'm not really sure but I think Basketball evolve because of players from the "street". Ogden mentioned about the street mentality in his comment. Perhaps it is no longer the case nowadays. Soccer in the US never really has a chance to grow like this because it became a money-making source too soon.

  13. The coach first in foremost was the biggest flaw to the team… I thought he blundered with lineups and tactics… McKennie needs to work on his shooting and finishing he had almost no shots on goal… They need another defender to help Serginio Dest and Timmy… Other than that they had a great chance to win, they have the physical and athletic talent but lack the scientific tactical side of the sport…

  14. The problem isn’t the athletic talent, of course. It’s obviously the attention of all the other sports, which dominate the states. The U.S has it flipped, where basketball is the poor kids sport, and has been the dominate force. But, the fact that other countries have closed the gap, makes it, at least, on the surface doable.

  15. nhl exceeded $5 billion in revenue. It's less compared to nfl nba mlb, but more than la liga and bundesliga And there are 87 players who receive an annual salary of $7 million. more than epl (Of course, the nhl has 32 teams. 82 games)

  16. .I think the reason Americans don't play soccer is because the salaries are too low.. I hope the salaries in all soccer leagues go up

  17. Profitization is a problem with many youth sports in America, not just soccer: tennis, swimming, cycling, baseball, hockey, …

  18. Call it how it is, Frank!

    Unless the United States begins to open up football to everybody without exception, they won't gain the respect they want on the world stage.

  19. This team was gassed and you could see it affected them from the physical and mental aspect in this game. We didn't rotate players in the group stage enough and that came back to bite us. We were also out classed tactically by the Dutch coaching staff.

    Nonetheless, an outstanding four games by the US and nothing to be ashamed of. This group of players and coaches will be better for this experience.

  20. For a start we can try sticking to our marks instead of leaving people wide open. Tyler Adams decides to go for a jog and just watch Memphis score the first goal, and Robinson is completely clueless as to what's behind him (Dumfries) for Netherlands' third goal. These are simple fundamentals. Schoolboy defending. Smh.

  21. Americans need to play Futball not Soccer and yes there's a difference. The Dutch played Futball today. We did not. Americans dominated possession and shots but were not clinical enough, and our positioning was terrible in all the Dutch goals. We need to control a whole match from back to front. We also looked tired, and our energy levels were very low compared to the previous matches. All in all we showed really well during the tournament and there are a lot of positives too take from our performances. Remember we have one of the youngest teams in the World Cup and in 2026 I'm sure we'll do much better.

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