Why are there no Mexican Americans on any roster for the World Cup? | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Herculez Gomez and Sebastian Salazar share their thoughts on the fact that there’s not a single Mexican American on either the USMNT or Mexico’s World Cup roster on the Futbol Americas show.

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44 opiniones en “Why are there no Mexican Americans on any roster for the World Cup? | ESPN FC”

  1. I agree with you. It's clear USMNT doesn't want a Mexican-American to be the FACE of US soccer only white boys like Puli or black players like Weah or Adams. God forbid he is brown like Pepi or even Reyna!!!

    No Wonder Mexican-Americans go to FMF because USMNT DOES NOT RESPECT OR APPRECIATE LATINOS. ZERO%

  2. I feel bad for Pepi. If it wasn’t for him the US wouldn’t be in the World Cup. His goals in the qualifiers ignited the US team to turn it around after the Home loss to Canada.

  3. I think the hierarchy of the USMNT does not want Mexican American players. The rivalry is so deep that they don’t want Mexican American. They want to show the US has it’s own identity.

  4. Mexico needs to start cracking down on the clubs to send players abroad. We need our players to get more chances and have a better shot at success in Europe, because while Liga MX may not be easy, it doesn't have Zlatan, Ronaldo, Messi, Lewandowski, ect ect. Those caliber players are what we need to face to grow.

  5. I think bethalter didn't choose any MA player because there loyalties are devided and I don't blame him.

  6. You cry baby’s over at ESPN FC. SMH. At the end of the day their is only room for 11 players. Mexico should get players from Mexico and USA should get players from USA period. This shouldn’t even be a debate, why give opportunity to more players from USA whenever there is talent coming from mexico too? Makes no sense. Just like I don’t understand why they are using Funes Mori. like I’m sure there is a young Mexican out there they could of took a chance on, and instead they go with washed up Funes Mori who isn’t even Mexican.

  7. Pepi was a snub and it seemed GGG had a tough time not picking him. Vasquez wasn’t on the radar until the last few months. Other the Pepi, I think it’s going to be about who makes the jump to Europe. Even on El Tri’s side, they are all in Liga MX or MLS. I think both Araujo and Alvarez should try to make a move to Europe in the next 8 months… no playing reason to stay at LA Galaxy unless they just don’t want to go

  8. Any roster? If they are Mexican American what roster could they be on besides the USMNT? If they are on Mexico's squad, wouldn't they just be Mexican regardless of where they currently reside?

  9. As A super Fan of the Game…and a US citizen, this is Exactly why we won't reach far in this Game..World Dominance n fighting with the big dogs not going to happen no time in the near future…We not inclusive as the big Nations are?? Same thing that plauqe our Nation on a social level,same thing in sports.Somebody had to say it.

  10. Stop race baiting Herc & Seb this comes off as amatuer plus you guys love to talk about México and US but never mention any central American football so if you guys want to play that game start by asking yourselves,"why do we only talk about 3 countries when there are over 30 in concacaf".

  11. All of y’all who are looking at this as some kind of political/identity issue are way off. The point is much simpler than that. For a country that punches way below its weight in global soccer, there is a massive player pool in our Hispanic population larger than some of our competitor countries. Among that population, Mexican Americans are, by far, the largest group. By sheer math, there ought to be representation. You ought to be riddled with the dilema of armfuls of qualified candidates. But what’s another thing the Hispanic population is marked by? Less access to elite competition because fewer can afford pay-to-play. You are left with whomever makes it through the narrow sieve to be considered. And that’s how you end up with a disproportionately small number of candidates and ultimately no one on the team. Our system is leaving lots of potential rotting on the vine.

  12. The problem is also that both teams are about equal in terms of strength. It’s not like picking a huge country back a small. This is one of the more even decisions

  13. MexAmer are poorly trained. The youth teams are full because US thinks football is rugby. They never teach positioning and tactical awareness. Coaches think all you need is dribbling, but it's easy against defenders that can't defend.

  14. Who cares? Nobody cares about any other ethnic group having representation. Nobody seriously thinks the US is discriminating against anyone.

  15. I mean in this situation they are mexican-AMERICAN and one picks with their heart not for the possibility to win the WC. You do it for pride and country unlike USA who mostly does it for money.

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