How to deal with the Sir Alex Ferguson HAIRDRYER TREATMENT! 😂 | ESPN FC Extra Time

Welcome in to the latest Thursday edition of ESPN FC Extra Time.
0:00 England’s chances of winning Euro 2023
2:00 How to deal with Sir Alex Ferguson’s hairdryer treatments
4:00 Should Spurs try to bring in Julian Nagelsmann?
7:00 Why do keepers drink water once they concede a goal?
8:20 Which Premier League managers might get sacked next
12:20 Where Harry Kane ranks among the English greats
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42 opiniones en “How to deal with the Sir Alex Ferguson HAIRDRYER TREATMENT! 😂 | ESPN FC Extra Time”

  1. I did start laughing out loud with Frank agreed with himself… 8:25 and 8:55 … 😂
    Good to see Craig pointing it out, 11:28 this clearly was a Knives Out inspired episode of extra time.🎉

  2. Bro why is Manchester United and or Manchester United players always has to be a topic on espn yet they hate us so much 😂😂😂

  3. For England, I would say zero chance of winning euros ..again these pundit …say they are one of the favorite….England team is like psg team at international level full of quality but no team play in important games

  4. Brilliant Robbo Where did he want you to go Aberdeen killed it, coffee ☕️all over me 😂 going back to watch it again

  5. God I’m so sick of every time a tournament comes around, England is always a favorite. When they have ever showed killer instinct to compete with the big boys in Finals/Semi-Finals

  6. England as usual will win nothing ! Please don't try hype them up again ! They have a useless coach and an always overrated average team !

  7. Ramsdale bring snubbed a start and White a spot is criminal! Southgate won't win anything with this England team as good as they are. He's not good enough a coach

  8. I feel Robbo knows many embarrassing stories of Shaka. I can see it in his eyes 😂😂😂😂😂😂.

  9. England is the only nation who considers itself as a powerhouse but did not sacked their mediocre manager even after serial failures.
    Portugal, Brazil, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain all part their ways with Manager but not overhyped England.

  10. 5:10 Robo says "Nagalesman at start allowed lewandowski go he wanted his own new team"……..isn't comming to spurs throw Nagalesman into similar kind on situation??????…harry kane is on verge of moving and conte/Mou wanted to built team and for that they wanted good recruitment but everyone knows how levy is in terms of recruitment…!!!!! and how come Nagalesman be treated different…..i think Conte last week has spoken truth noworld class manager can be satisfied at spurs

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  12. Idc what team you manage if you hold your team consistently in the top 4 of the league and you're competing in major competitions the manager should not be fired just because. No sports team wins championships every single year and they shouldn't. It's boring. Especially in Bayerns position being only 1 point behind Dortmund. Tuchel has been a cancer at every club he's managed.

  13. Lmao i was waiting for someone to point out that Frank agreed with himself because i was laughing so hard at that.

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  15. Poor Craig 😂😂😂 one of the few times he's shown emotion and excitement about his playing career and getting a positive remark from Sir Alex and Robbo just slaughters him with that 'Aberdeen' comment hahaha. Brutal

  16. Why is Ramsdale not mentioned by Robson. Did the guy has problem with Arsenal since he played for the club? This is not the first time, he doesn't like some ex arsenal players like Henry also.

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