UEFA open investigation into Barcelona referee scandal 👀 | ESPN FC

On ESPN FC, Gab Marcotti and company talk through the news that UEFA has opened an investigation into the Barcelona referee payment scandal in LaLiga.
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38 opiniones en “UEFA open investigation into Barcelona referee scandal 👀 | ESPN FC”

  1. The solid evidence is that they paid to the person who promoted and relegated referees for almost 20 years.

  2. What ??? There is evidence all over the place, including Barca itself admiring they paid said to ensure "fair" refereeing. ESPN is forever defending Barcelona (and forever disrespecting Real Madrid.) And it's even worse at ESPN Deportes who are all a bunch of Barcelona and Messi cult followers.

  3. Get your report right .they payed 7 million to the second in charge of la liga of referres and his father was 1st in charge. .don't take ppl as fools and stuiped like barca do ..we know no ref going to admit that they did influence a game cause there will never be evidence. Why would you pay 7 mill to a second in charge of a refs for corruption they should relegated to second division and banned from uefa competitions for 5 years.

  4. Not quite right on this!

    EFE reported that the public prosecutor (who didn't finish its recent investigation but handed it over to the courts for jurisdictional reasons) said that SPANISH REVENUE said that they hadn't been able to find any evidence of payments to refs or match tampering. Revenue basically said they weren't happy with the situation but had found no hard evidence of corruption.

  5. I thought Gab was a knowledgeable person amd unbiased. Seems like he gets his info from Tebas 😂. Btw this espn fc crew is so anti barca and this is the differwnce between sky sports and espn fc

  6. If you are going to bribe someone, you do it under the table. Not with recurring deposits for everyone to see…

  7. We hate Barcelona because :
    -They cheat , and don’t admit it
    – yet they don’t have as many significant trophies as other clubs
    – they are noisy than Bayern, Liverpool and AC Milan who have stood the test of time !
    – They disgrace Spain in all tournaments

  8. Barca goes 12pts ahead of madrid in the league and all these legal cases come up? Where were they 2-3 seasons ago when we were down in the dumps? 🤣 jealous haters, keep hating

  9. UEFA just angry they didnt get any cut from that 7 million bribe so now they want their cut! Knowing Barcelona they would pull the 999th lever and solve this under the table!

  10. not difficult just ask Chelsea fans, madrid fans and penaldo fans they will give you all evidence. how is perez not talking to them at all.

  11. UEFA is jumping the gun, however, because there have been no conclusive findings by either the PP or the courts. The courts have launched an investigation, but they have yet to determine whether they can build a prosecutable case. UEFA should wait until the national court to finish its investigation and some kind of determination.

  12. This is just politics to undermine Barcelona by the Spanish government. Just because Barca promotes Catalunya's protest. About people saying that Barca paid the refs and look at Chelsea game which happened a decade ago, remind you that Barca is the club against whom maximum decisions have gone against.. that too, even after VAR (eg this season's Bayern game and Inter game). Rest everything is just speculation to destroy the reputation of one of the great clubs.

  13. Bro literally when Barca go Broke everything got unfold .. guess that what happen when u got no money to kept everyone happy …

  14. Gab is such a pretentious dumbo, major Publications saying no refereeing influence, even other clubs do it he is just stirring the pot

  15. If they found guilty they should be stripped off their tittles
    All the tittles they won in the last 17 years no question asked

    Just likw in any sport if you found guilty of not playing far using drugs n sum like that
    Your tittles get strippped

  16. Am I the only one feeling that these actions are against club's who supported super league ?
    Real, barca, juve .
    I think next on the line is real Madrid ! .

  17. UEFA will probably take money from Barcelona and close this issue as it did with all Man City, PSG, not a big deal..

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