Reacting to Pep Guardiola’s criticism of Manchester City | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Mario Melchiot, Frank Leboeuf, Ale Moreno, Kay Murray and Shaka Hislop discuss Pep Guardiola’s criticism of his players after Manchester City’s 4-2 win against Tottenham.

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47 opiniones en “Reacting to Pep Guardiola’s criticism of Manchester City | ESPN FC”

  1. There're are no sacred cows in Man City as opposed to us at LFC! Tiago, Salah and Allison have been quite bad, but they keep their places in the starting line up!

  2. Peps repeated choice to start grealish over guys like Silva or Mahrez is just another example of why he can't win the ucl without Messi

  3. Pep is drama queen and he thinks he is clever one but actually his success is because of elite clubs resources

  4. Pep dropped Kevin, Fodin and Bernardo against Tot showed that he's willing to change the mentality of the entire team. If anyone doesn't meet his requirements, he will not let them play. it doesn't matter who they are

  5. First Shaka keeps on criticising Messi, now he is targetting Pep, however he will eat humble pie, again, like what he did with Messi.

  6. Ale’s right, pundits are so cautious to criticise pep it’s ridiculous. He can be just as petty and cry baby ish as mou or conte, he just doesn’t get the same media criticism

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  8. Pep have standard though. Arsenal winning comfy in spurs place,meanwhile city have to fight for their life in Etihad.

  9. The genius of Pep is that any other manager would have panicked and brought on Kevin, Foden, Sliva straight after half time. Remember what Deschamps did in the WC final. He removed Giroud. So Pep know what he is doing in his sleep

  10. I understand we need more women in punditry and I support that. But why do we get Kay Murray? Can we please get someone who can contribute to the conversation rather than simply moderating …?

  11. I cannot believe some of these guys think they're football experts. Even a casual football fan would know unlike Pep Guardiola who criticized his players after winning the game, Mourinho criticized his players, the club, the supporters and anything he could think of at that moment after loosing any game. That's why he's "Captain Deflecto"

  12. Its a non issue. On a normal team having a dip in form is pretty bad. City have almost two full 11's they will be fine. KDB, Silva, Cancelo, Foden on the bench and they scored 4 goals lol. So dramatic

  13. Moreno it's because City won the game. If Pep had lost he'd not have spoken like this. That would have come across as Pep making excuses

  14. Ally Mourino point is not a good one because the difference is Jose would do this after a loss. PG does after a win. Big difference.

  15. The criticism is to the board, the players and the fans. He criticised the establishment aswell. Genius from pep

  16. Start watching from 3:41 when Ale Moreno breaks this down . He has spoken so much sense and called out all the hypocrisy when judging and criticizing managers.

  17. The fans though booing the team that’s been winning it almost every year the last few years just because they were down at HALFTIME (last time I checked game is played over 90 minutes)
    That was disgusting for me

  18. Love shakka but seriously the bloke knows nothing about football and can tell he's got zero opinion


  20. Stop this agenda, the booing was aimed at the ref because he was allowing everything against us and rico lewis was getting kicked all over the pitch

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