Arsenal vs. Man United predictions 🔮 ESPN FC UNANIMOUSLY agrees 😅

Arsenal vs. Man United predictions 🔮 ESPN FC UNANIMOUSLY agrees 😅

The ESPN FC crew make their picks for Arsenal’s Premier League matchup with Manchester United. Everyone agrees on their predictions that Arsenal will win, 2-1.

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21 opiniones en “Arsenal vs. Man United predictions 🔮 ESPN FC UNANIMOUSLY agrees 😅”

  1. I do not believe the narrative that trossard is a squad player though. He is good. Uses both feet quite well. Arguably may have more shooting accuracy than Martinelli. Did you see his dribbling today against manutd.

  2. United will shock all these guys. These were the same people that said Martinez will not make in the EPL. I’ll take their judgements with a pinch of salt

  3. They backed MA get rid off the trouble makers lac and Aubamyang and a few more Gakpo for 45 million rubbish Trossard proven in PL 21 million they are getting everything right.

  4. This Steve Nichole has been a very biased analyst so I am not surprised at his prediction. He said more than this during manu vs man city, I am sure he will hide his face after the match ..

  5. Its funny reading the Man U fans comments. They are acting like the pondents have been supporting Arsenal all this time. Every week it's been how Arsenal is going to fail one test or another. It's never really ever any love lost for Man U.

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