’Tough to watch!’ Herc struggles to find any positives in USMNT defeat | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Herculez Gomez joins Sebastian Salazar on Futbol Americas to discuss their thoughts on the USMNT’s performance in a 2-1 defeat against Serbia.

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27 opiniones en “’Tough to watch!’ Herc struggles to find any positives in USMNT defeat | ESPN FC”

  1. Sorry, Serbia justifiably showed that they a much better than the USMNT. Yes, Serbia's A team is far better than the USMNT's A team any day of the week. Brazil had an extremely tough time beating them in Qatar. Serbia is a notch below their neighbors Croatia (2nd in 2018 and 3rd in 2022 World Cups, respectively) but not far below. Like most Eastern European countries, Serbia plays pragmatically and effectively. Their physicality is impressive.

  2. Bad Attendance due to
    – Weekday at 7pm in LA…
    – Ticket prices weren't terrible, but $50 parking adds up
    – USSF has not attempted to build a fanbase in LA. Hosting big competitive games in LA could spark something, but LA is an afterthought to USSF and will only get Camp Cupcake.

  3. 2:54.. I didn’t see any advertising for this match either! I just stumbled onto it on the HBO app.. which I’ve never seen a match on ever!

  4. I only watched the first half, but the US had the better of it during that time. Multiple times they took the ball right down the middle of the field with barely a challenge from Serbia. Serbia's first goal was 90% luck.

  5. What do you think is going to happen when you appoint the worst MLS coach ever to manage the USMNT? 😂

  6. Mexico fills up the stadium because in LA you have a lot of fake mexican americans that cant speak spanish, dont hold a mexican passport, and are only mexican when it comes time to watch a soccer game. Haha they are more American than Mexican and probably should be supporting the USA but they dont.

  7. Cowell was phenomenal. Zendejas was solid as was Vasquez. I wanted to see Paxten Aaronson.

    I want to see Cowell start again in the next game. I hope he really breaks out this season in MLS. I always questioned his technique, but last night, he showed really explosive stuff against guys who are the equivalent of an average MLS team and pretty much dominated.

  8. Personally I came away from the game vs Serbia impressed by Cade Cowell. I don't follow MLS enough to have ever heard of him, so like I said, I thought he was impressive.

  9. Vazquez goal, cowell was class unlucky he didn't get a goal and a couple of other positives and some negatives not all bad.

  10. I disagree with these guys. First time I watched US play a confident, fearless, attacking game. Sure it might not have been against Serbia's A team but I have not seen the US A team play like this against anyone. Cowell, Zendejas and Slonina are stars in the making.

  11. Why are we scheduling this game if we don't even have our B squad? like just go practice or something

  12. Not sure why you have players that can't make 2026 World Cup. Not sure why you have older players. Long was super lazy on that goal. He just needed to slide over. Not great talent here either.

  13. As a Mexican it's funny to see y'all surprise Abt zendejas. We been knowing about him in LigMx he wouldn't even be able to make the Mexican A team.

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