Dissecting the errors ten Hag called ‘unacceptable’ vs. Arsenal | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Dan Thomas, Steve Nicol, Shaka Hislop, Mark Ogden and Julien Laurens dissect Arsenal’s 3-2 win against Manchester United that left Erik ten Hag saying United made “unacceptable” errors in the match.

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24 opiniones en “Dissecting the errors ten Hag called ‘unacceptable’ vs. Arsenal | ESPN FC”

  1. The thing I hated about that match was the fact that Our defense (Man U) dropped back way too much I was pissed because it was stupid to drop back at your own penalty area 🤦🏽‍♂️ Wan Bissaka kept allowing Martinelli to run in the box and then wants to commit to the tackle even tho he made some good tackles but still it’s down to the defensive mindset because all those goals even Saka’s goal is because we kept backing off when we should’ve pressed but take nothing away from Arsenal they are doing great this season even tho I don’t want them to win it but I agree with Stevie Ten Haag didn’t do what was necessary to reduce or limit that onslaught from arsenal in the final 20mins

  2. I’m not buying this arteta been there 3 years argument I see why it’s made but let’s be honest the squad Arteta inherited required a longterm rebuild with key signings here and there Man U have gone out and spent big for this guy first 6-7months and they’re acting as if he took over a relegation side in the summer lmao

  3. Mr. Stevie, u better watch your own club playing disaster…..watch yourself on mirror….look yourself before commenting issues on other

  4. What a yawnfeast! ETH is a fraud a Dutch Brendon Rodgers. He hasn't done as well as Mark is making out. Everyone but a Manchester United fan and pundits were on record stating CR37 didn't have the legs for the league. Folks even on this channel were gassing about his 18 goals so therefore he wasn't the issue! ( I think some may of been told by bossed they couldn't be negative about him due to his commercial value to Corporations) Anyway, ole got 2nd and wveyone could see the squad needed a WC cdm yet Sancho, Varane & CR37. United won't make top 4 they won't even finish above LFC.

  5. Stevie talks absolute nonsense. No one has ever questioned Saka's final ball and decision-making. That has always been one of his biggest strengths along with his dribbling ability. What we questioned was his finishing and composure in front of goal at times. He just talks absolute waffle sometimes. Don't understand how he is a paid pundit.

  6. Steve Nicol is a pure hater….dude has been waiting for 11 matches to gloat…..very funny dude. Let's give Ten Hag some more stick….Imagine such rubbish

  7. Shocking take from Stevie who was a defender. AWB completely falling asleep for ARS first goal allowing a free header, Eriksen allowing Saka to get on his strong foot and open his body up, De Gea not catching the ball/poor kicking/taking two steps to his near post then getting beat far side by Saka. As for the second have pressure ARS had 5 days rest we had 2!

  8. It blows my mind that every pundit and analyst blasting ten Hag and United and telling us that arsenal played very brilliant football against United. I don’t see it that way. The first half of the game will tell you that Arsenal are not just so good. They only came into the game more in the second half because arteta has mentioned to the players that there’s fatigue in the United squared. Arsenal did not outplayed Man U in the second half because they were better. They played well because they had more strength and energy in them having to have rested in the midweek while United played an outstanding game. My question is why did the FA not also fix arsenal’s outstanding game in the mid week too. So United played a team like city who are so good on the ball, United put a lot of energy to get a result against city. And now the FA decided to make them play the palace after three days and also make them play another good team like arsenal in another three days while Arsenal was well rested for 7 days. Look the the odds were against Man U. And for Arsenal to have won the game in the last 2 mins of the game, that should tell you that United is now the team to beat

  9. If ESPN FC ever wants to be considered legit they need to replace 2/3rds of the staff. They keep saying Arsenal has no experience yes the players are young but they have all have 100+ professional appearances with two players that have won multiple league titles to lead the rest and a manager that has won titles as well so why cant they do it? City have to chase Arsenal down it would be different if Arsenal had to chase City

  10. Can't stand these deluded utd fan boy journalists who constantly say its a miracle what ten hag has done …look at the money they've spent compared to a Liverpool….top 4 should be a minimum requirement for utd

  11. Everyone seems to be rooting fir for Arsenal, why don't they mention Utd had a game in midweek and no Casemiro. Hope we play again in European when all things are level

  12. Stevie Nichol: The answer to a question no respectable football content watcher has ever asked. How he has a job in punditry baffles and astounds me.

  13. How does a team that rest for one week, at home fail to have advantage of a team that rested for 2days,,, compare that also unless if football has no impact on fatigue

  14. Stop making excuses the way arsenal was playing against man u if they try playing higher man u would be battered even more.

  15. They were sitting deep bcoz arsenal were taking corner kick seconds before the goal you freakinunitedhaters steve. Dude look pissed off in about every united games regardless they win draw or lose

  16. EtH knows and does appreciate how good and attractive Arsenal played. Unfortunately, some Dutch coaches like LvG and EtH have difficulty to openly give credit to the other team after a loss. Please forgive EtH for this mindset.

    EtH just requires his team to focus on the next match and that winning trophies requires ManUnited to quickly improve the tactical team discipline regardless the challenges. By being so demanding, he actually shows his faith in his players that they can win any trophy when they play extremely smart and strongly.

    EtH is therefore just being very consistent and very committed to improve his players and to ensure ManUnited will win trophies, THIS SEASON. EtH does not care if you accept his obsession with winning. He just cannot allow a football season without trophies. It is as simple as that.

    BTW, I expect Arsenal to win the league and that their glory days are back with these great Arsenal youngsters.

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