BIG DISASTER if Netherlands lose to USMNT in Round of 16?! | ESPN FC

ESPN FC reacts to Netherlands’ 2-0 win vs. Qatar and preview the Dutch side vs. the USMNT in the Round of 16.

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49 opiniones en “BIG DISASTER if Netherlands lose to USMNT in Round of 16?! | ESPN FC”

  1. I drank some of that american kool-aid… guys had me worried fpr this match. Turned out to be the most relaxing knock out game I remember in a loooong time. Now it gets serious, it is our turn to win against argentina again so I am hopeful.

  2. But… The US doesn’t play high intensity. And Reyna doesn’t play at all. I don’t think this guy has actually been watching the USMNT at this World Cup. The US plays timid and bunkers as soon as they go one goal up and Reyna has only played in one game and only for eight minutes. So again, not sure what team this guy is watching but it isn’t the USMNT…

  3. If people like Robben,Kuyt, Van persie and Sneijder were present they would've won easily but since they are not here USA have a chance to win.

  4. I am from Netherlands, but I would be really curious to see what USA can do if they go further in the tournament. Wishing all the best and good luck Saturday.

  5. Mario Melchiot has no idea what is going on in The Netherlands. The prevalent comments about this Dutch squad in Holland are,
    1. This squad has no energy and is boring to watch.
    2. This squad can lose to anyone.

    The US weakness is the inexperience of players and coaching staff, and this can be exploited.

  6. Not only will HOLLAND win here but they will beat wackass Argentina as well next up! They’re slowly playing better & better! MEMPHIS gonna start steppin up hard as well! LVG got this all figured out.

  7. It's interesting to watch the tone slowly change by the European talking heads. Just in the last 2 weeks, forget the last 2 years.

  8. i don’t like how everyone is giving US such a big chance. i don’t think we have the experience to beat holland at this high stakes stage

  9. I say Holland wins 2-1 but I can easily see the USMT winning. Stranger things have happened already at this World Cup.

  10. The us doesn’t have any real goal scorers. Pulisic is the the only one and he isn’t a world beater. I don’t see the USA scoring a goal against Holland

  11. If you go down the rosters, I don't know that it is really evident that the Netherlands have a more talented group. It's far closer than people will give credit for.

  12. It wouldn’t be a disaster, the USMNT is actually a very good team, and very solid defensively. Let’s stop acting like they are scrubs

  13. I'd say usamnt have as good a chance as ever to knock off Holland. They don't have superstars… so if CP fires.. they can do it.

  14. Great team with making opportunities from the wings and the center.. the single biggest problem with this USA team is finishing, the last third of the field everything falls apart and if they don’t take the chances they create the Netherlands will make them pay.

  15. That's why gio rena must be in the first line up to slow the tempo down when u.s get a goal so u.s will not run outta energy

  16. Lol lol lol lol, bro without a doubt, just take a look at the teams netherland faced and look at the team u.s faced. I bet u that the Netherlands can't even match up with England or win England so what makes u think that the United States will let the world down.

  17. It is not a big disaster if the Netherlands lost because the United States time is now, they are just one of the best in this world cup. The Netherlands has only one star that scores for them and the United States knows him. USMT gona lock him down like they do to a baret gale of wales

  18. England could “ put teams to sleep” and we drew against them. Stop all this USA is going to get blown out stuff.

    USA 2 Netherlands 1

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