‘It’s still in their hands!’ Will Canada make it the knockout stages of the World Cup? | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Herculez Gomez joins Sebastian Salazar on Futbol Americas to assess Canada’s chances of qualifying for the knockout stages of the World Cup after their 1-0 loss to Belgium.

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41 opiniones en “‘It’s still in their hands!’ Will Canada make it the knockout stages of the World Cup? | ESPN FC”

  1. Booooo shame on him representing a racist country like Canada where nowadays fans of color can get attacked or killed for watching sports (I'm not the only person that happened to) and they still throw bananas at black athletes there nowadays… Meanwhile, nowadays, the Canadian government don't investigate crimes committed by their police or crimes against indigenous women and people of color…

  2. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Man i listen you two and you showed big way that you dont know anything about football🤣🤣🤣please go play ice hockey

  3. Canada is technically a disaster. Why was the Canada game good in the first half?!
    Because no normal trainer would have set it up like that with so much risk! And your coach has never played football in his life.
    Belgium would fill you if it had the guts.
    Do not underestimate Morocco and Croatia because they are several light years away from you.
    And one more thing
    You didn't play well, Belgium played badly.
    And your game was read as from Iceland a few years ago

  4. The guy to the right has no Idea of how tactical the game between Croatia and Morocco was.. They could have opened the game and play with a high pace but both teams played conservatively and slowed down the rhythm of the match so that they avoid the risk of conceding a goal which can be crucial in the first game. Canada on the other hand played open and offensive and fell for it against a veteran Belgium team with a counter-attack… the next match if Canada opens the game with Croatia, they will be in trouble..

  5. As a Belgian, how the f did we win that one. Speaking for myself and the majority of my friends: Canada dominated. We even feel bad for winning, Canada was soo good. We got Lucky. Canada is the best team in this group atm.

  6. I think you canadians will be surprised how good Croatia and Canada actually are. The played mirrored tactics and both defences did very well, so there was no dynamic in the game. Don't think they'll play the same against a team like Canada who plays such an open style.

  7. Canadians need to be put back in their place. On the pitch of course,not behind a mic.
    This is for their own good.
    Otherwise who knows how long it will take them before they morph into full fledged Americans.😂

  8. well.
    In a game they probably should have actually won.
    They end up losing.
    And now the next opponent is actually likely to top the group.
    It's a tall order.
    Canada can hope for a win over Morocco. But will that be enough?

  9. Morocco and Croatia tied.

    Belgium does not want to lose and at min. tie against Morocco and Croatia. This gives Morocco and Croatia 2 points each, max.

    Canada wins next two games, they finish with 6 points and voila! Vive Les Rouges!

  10. If Canada can play the next two games like the first they will win both. Maybe choose David for the PK duties tho …

  11. If canada gets 0 points and 0 goals in this wc then this is definitely a disaster for a team that is stacked with talent and superstars. Even if they don't make it to the knockout round it will be a disaster. So don't you canadian fans talk about how well they are doing and we are behind thr boys no matter what happens. This is not pee wee football here. This is the world cup so start acting like it's a big stage instead of patting the team in the back for a great effort. Great effort means nothing without a result, especially since canada dominated this match from start to finish. So this is nothing more than a let down from team canada. If your just here to make up the number then your definitely in the wrong tournament.

  12. I remember Greece getting smacked by Colombia in 2014 in the first game, 3-0. They went on to advance anyways.

    All is still possible with Canada

  13. It's quite the ordeal for Canada going into this World Cup since none of the sides are at a level similar to Iran or Saudi Arabia (based on how they looked before the World Cup). Whereas the US and Mexico have at least one side they can confidently take 3 points off, even a team like Morocco who only lost twice in their last 14 games is far from a bottomfeeder contender with Ziyech, Hakimi, En-Nesyri, Mazraoui and Bonou (who could've played for Canada since he was born in Montreal) on their squad. It's quite possible that Belgium could finish 3rd since Croatia has only lost ONCE this year and managed to top their group in Nations League over France, Denmark and Austria while Morocco just tied that same team. It's incredibly difficult to analyze all 4 teams with only one game played, especially since we've rarely seen Canada play competitive matches against sides in the World Cup, let alone European sides (the only European side they've played in this World Cup cycle was Iceland in a January camp in 2020). If Canada can become even slightly more clinical with their finishing and maintain their form from that opening game, they have a realistic chance of finishing 2nd or 3rd in this group, but if they repeat what they did in their last game then Kramaric will likely burry those opportunities that Modric and Perisic can create unlike Batshuayi who ruined so many chances for Belgium and Openda barely did anything yesterday.

  14. Unfortunately, Canada is expected to finish dead last. Croatia and Morocco had played tight with a goalless draw and we can expect that both countries will deliver a last blow for Canada.

  15. A legitimate organisation that is trying to help construction workers in Qatar is… Equidem

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    Football fans should try and help the mistreated workers who built the stadiums and hotels.

  16. It looks amazing to build a team of athletic midfielders,
    But it's useless at the top level if they can't kick the ball hard enough to get past a top goalkeeper

  17. If you don't manage to score from 25 attempts on goal, it seems pretty irrelevant how well you can do against Morocco or Croatia. You need goals. Canada plays great but they don't have clinical finishers.

  18. Performance don’t carry from match to match lol matchup matters . Canada exerted to much energy in the first half and played really wide open.

  19. All Canada has to do is win both games and they advance no matter what the other teams do it is now a tournament between those three teams

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  21. If we draw Croatia and beat morracco 4points if Belgium beat or draw Croatia that's Croatia 3 points we need atleast a draw with Croatia to stay in it and a Morocco and Belgium draw. What we don't want is Belgium with 6 points playing a Croatia with 2 so we need a win against Croatia and a draw against Morocco to advance.

  22. You guys will get surprised how good croatia are . If canada 🇨🇦 play an open game with theme , they will get destroyed.

  23. LOLLLLLLLL They made you guys take down the video calling Greggy Beerholder an idiot. HAH – so much for freedom of speech

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