Did Germany lack confidence in their loss to Japan? 🧐 | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew reacts to Germany’s loss to Japan and looks towards their World Cup match against Spain, who defeated Costa Rica 7-0 on Wednesday.

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22 opiniones en “Did Germany lack confidence in their loss to Japan? 🧐 | ESPN FC”

  1. Nope! they lacked drive, passion and the one thing past German Squads have had…"total belief"…the heart and soul is missing, it has been missing for some years now and some of those German Players are just not good enough, main culprit being Havertz.
    We are missing a true Striker.

  2. As we have seen germany is now on a different sort of quest instead of winning.. they were done with winning in december of 1942.. now its rainbow armband time

  3. I honestly feel like they were overconfidence since they were winning and that's what led to them conceding those two goals they probably thought they had in the bag and they could just lay back

  4. It's embarrassing to see this lack of enthusiasm for most of the German players. Similar to 2018. This has nothing to do with the German football tradition of fighting till the end and giving it all. Just embarrassing. Even former players like Schweinsteiger and Khedira cannot hold back their anger (only available in German). This team would easily be able to beat any other team but some players seem not to care. Major disappointment.

  5. How Germany did not start with Moukoko or Adeyemi is beyond me. Havertz is an attacking midfielder it's unfair on him to play as a striker and he's not prolific. Germany are going home now as they ain't beating Spain

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