Belgium vs. Canada FULL REACTION: Did Canada DESERVE to win? | ESPN FC

ESPN FC reacts to Belgium’s 1-0 win vs. Canada in the 2022 World Cup and discuss the officiating of the game.

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33 opiniones en “Belgium vs. Canada FULL REACTION: Did Canada DESERVE to win? | ESPN FC”

  1. Congratualtions to Canada for being able to represent Canada at the World Cup again since 1986. U.S. and Canada are two talented national sides that punch way above their weight internationally in world football when you consider Soccer or Football is not their number 1 sport in both countries. Congrats to U.S. and Canada for gaining entry to this years World Cup. I enjoy both these teams and their supporters very much. More success to both these teams on world stage in this sport.

  2. Part of Canada's problem and hoping the expectations will change os that so many people are saying "what an effort, should have won, 22 shot attempts and 3 expected goals" all of this talk for them to lose twice. It's not good enough. If it was Germany or Spain and they lose the opener they are in crisis mode because it's not good enough!

  3. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA CANADA IS TRASH! They just got completely walloped by Croatia. I told everyone, after Canada beat USA in Canada, and I saw that WorldCup draw, I knew Canada would place fourth because they're TRASH!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA

  4. Booooo shame on him representing a racist country like Canada where nowadays fans of color can get attacked or killed for watching sports (I'm not the only person that happened to) and they still throw bananas at black athletes there nowadays… Meanwhile, nowadays, the Canadian government don't investigate crimes committed by their police or crimes against indigenous women and people of color…

  5. Canada 🇨🇦 deserved the win but they need to be clinical in finishing. If that penalty was scored that would different story

  6. Davies, Hutchinson, Larin, Miller & all of the MLS players had not played for a while & were not in top form, especially with shooting.

  7. A missed penalty by Alphonso D. what a shame!! If cannot score at a penalty kick, how you expect them to win??!! 70% of penalty shots result in a goal! Alphonso D. should let better players score! He is a very good support player, assist others to score! I seen the pressure on his face was too much!! when he kicked the ball too low and weak! He litteraly gave it away! Better Luck NEXT TIME!! There are 3-4 guys who can score a penalty! Leave it to them!!

  8. I understand how Belgium continue to be ranked number 1 or 2 when they show over and over that they are not that good..never have been

  9. canada cant even attack the target for fook sake………useless strikers infront of goal. deserved to loose i would say.

  10. Canada brought a lot of pressure, but they couldn't finish successfully against belgium… the guy on the right sounds like a jealous girl…

  11. As a Yank, I've been watching my neighbors playing incredibly well to get here and then play so well to not get a point. Ship in some poutine, Tim Horton's, maple syrup, a Québécois that refuses to speak English even though they know it… whatever they need! 🇨🇦🇺🇸🇨🇦

  12. What i liked about canada is their confidence to juggle with the ball and pass the defenders with tricks. Most teams just do passes but team canada know their potential and it so much more fun to watch.

  13. Martinez is the biggest pile of dog poo manager in the world. Belgium should have sacked him a long time ago. The golden age of Belgium should have had a better manager. The only reason and the biggest reason Belgium are so dog pile is because of Martinez

  14. Here's those Ronaldo haters ESPN guys bashed Ronaldo take that idiots know how good is Ronaldo when you use him every game you guys are losers

  15. Canada played good but when you get a penalty against courtois it's like a free kick right outside the box in actuality…. he guess the right way….. the ball ain't going in unless it's really hard into the v…..

  16. Canada deserved wat they got.if u not comfortable taking the penalty which was clear in him kicking it that tame n soft then plz be a honest person n give the kick to someone else who in the mood for the moment.david is the striker who feeds off goals;best form of his life on the field needed that op

  17. I ll have to blame Davies… Yeah its stupid, but hear me out. You don t pass the ball to Courtois. I mean its the best goal keeper in the world.

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