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24 opiniones en “🔴 FULL REACTION LIVE: England vs. USA! | ESPN FC 🔴”

  1. They should hand the Three Lions over to Sarina Wiegmann – she would make the team into World Cup winners because she has the winner's mentality. Southgate can never adjust to a situation, always sticking to plan A without having a plan B. Wiegmann showed how that is done with her Lionesses, Southgate should study her tactics.

  2. I doubt the US players care about any political stuff. They have to win or they're out so anything beyond that is pointless.

  3. The US had a grand total of 1 shot on target in this game. Yes, they worked far harder than England and should qualify out of this group but let's not get carried away.

  4. My favorite part of that football v soccer debate especially from people from England is how they STILL have massive programs like Soccer Aid, Soccer AM and Soccer Saturday going on right now but get upset when Americans use the word soccer 🤣

  5. USA defeats England in literally everything. Wars, sports etc. Now USA are better than England even in soccer. Just fitting the English players kneeled before the start of the game to bow at their masters.

  6. Absolutely love this team, it can only get better from here, tactics were spot on from Mr Berhalter , I think he still has to play around with these tactics so we can be more effective in the final third. Maybe use a 235 when going forward

  7. US dominated the 2nd half with ease just couldn't get the goal to win
    Simple as that
    England were wasteful in their attacks

  8. It’s been the US Midfielders that have been saving the Team. They were able to dictate the pace of the 2nd half of the match.

  9. England either came out for a draw to clinch and give the USA a chance to advance which is dirty of them to do or USA is much better than England. If the latter is true than i don't see this English side going past the final 8

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