ESPN FC previews the USMNT’s final group stage game vs. Iran in the 2022 World Cup.

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50 opiniones en “'The USMNT hasn't looked THAT DANGEROUS!' USMNT vs. Iran FULL PREVIEW | ESPN FC”

  1. I want the USA to lose against Iran. Please hear me out!!! If Iran loses to the American infidels then u can bet the ayatollah will have the Iranian soccer coach executed.
    I don't know about u but I'd rather lose than see a good man get beheaded for losing a stupid game. Who's with me???

  2. Honestly tim weah is better than pulisic. I’ve been watching them play for over a year now and weah is better with the ball and knows how to move the ball around better also. Pulisic is just relevant because of his name. His actual game is mediocre. He’s a bench warmer a Chelsea and in the verge of being sold for a reason..

  3. 3 on target shots and one goal,yeah the USA is world class 🤣🤣
    Plus whether you like Iran or not you don't disrespect any countries flag,Americans would be the first to complain if that happened to them
    Hypocritical any ?
    I hope the USA team gets beaten so these pricks are sent hone

  4. Is Taylor twinkman dumb? Pepi, Sargent, and haji have regularly been scoring for their clubs. If you need a goal why play without a striker 🤦‍♂️

  5. Difference between not clinical and not being dangerous. USA far more dangerous than England if you don’t think you were watching the wrong game lol. But we were supposed to lose 3-4 0 right???

  6. As an American of course I want the US to win. I just don’t see it happening. We’re not good at putting the ball in the back of the net. With Iran hunkering down in defense, it will only make it more difficult.

  7. Simply put if US doesn't go through Greg needs fired. Essentially leaving Gio ans Aaronson on bench resulting in a tie against Wales and England (when you had nothing to lose in England game) is inexcusable.

  8. Berhalter is a defender. He doesn't understand the offensive mind. He's all about control/management vs. indirectness and freedom. He replies on an individual performing off a script vs the glorious, quick, unpredictable coalescing of momentum of structured indirection. Watch the US vs. Croatia. They are a midfield centric team vs. the USA being defensive. Absolutely, can't stand watching the USA play.

  9. The way this game is setup, with all that's happening outside of the football, it just looks the script was written by a Hollywood writer and we're all set for the climax!

  10. Come on USA 🇺🇸 because we just had Thanksgiving isn't something to cherish here comes Christmas this is the best nation in the world and we are friends with Iran ❤️ and they are welcome 🙏

  11. It's in their hands, and if they give everything and come up short? Well I can live with that, the thing that I will add is Iran, will be playing within the confines of what a human is capable of, they won't be struck by lighting bolts, or helped by an alien species, or any type of divine Muslim intervention. So I say that because if we match their physiological and mental resource, then it will come down to ability and talent, and with those factors I favor the US.

  12. I have never been a Morris fan but I might expect to see him subbed on – he has decent size and striking ability that the US is otherwise lacking

  13. I honestly expect 2-0 USA. Iran isn't scoring. Period. England drew against us with no goals. England dropped 6-0 on Iran, too. Wales also got just a penalty against us. So it's either 0-0 in shambolic fashion, 1-0, but I believe a coming out party is about to be had. I see 2/3-0 thumping.

  14. They need to add extra security into those stands, I'm sure words will be exchanged and bloods will be boiling 🤣 keep it about football guys

  15. they're waffling. gonna go down the same path as england w scholes lampard and gerrard. forcibly playing your best players isn't the way

  16. MY APPEAL: Plz don't play Weston Mackennie this time… he's a looser with colored hair 😠😠… belongs in basketball….any other forward will do the job….Go USA⚽⚽👏

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