Big statement win for Arsenal against Tottenham? | ESPN FC

Dan Thomas, Craig Burley, Jan Aage Fjortoft and Shaka Hislop discuss Arsenal’s 3-1 win over Tottenham and what it means for their hopes of finishing in the top 4 of the Premier League.

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49 opiniones en “Big statement win for Arsenal against Tottenham? | ESPN FC”

  1. For me he was nowhere near the ball, we went in studs first, and it was high above the ankle. I just don't know what a red card would be, if that wasn't one. You can't really give a yellow, because it wasn't a tactical foul, he was running back towards his own goal.

    This is the problem the referee has, because there is no tactical reason for the foul, anything that would make this a yellow, excessive force, or it being deliberate, makes it a red. It is either deliberately kicking an opponent, or it is violent conduct.

  2. Can't down media guys. We still haven't played anyone big, yet. It's just Tottenham, lads. Or has the media narrative changed now? 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Thank you Craig for your honesty i always appreciate your candour unlike a couple of your fellow commentators who on one hand give us the praise that WE CERTAINLY DESERVE BUT ALWAYS CAVEATS IT TALK ABOUT GRUDGINLY ACKNOWLEDGING OUR TEAMS CURRENT BRILLIANT PERFORMANCES. GUNNERS FOREVER CHAMPIONS LEAGUE,EUROPA WATEVER WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE AND STAND BY THE ARSENAL

  4. Arsenal produces alot of chances. I dont think that will go away anytime soon even if they got a couple of players injured. 69 points last season and they are much better this season. They hardly play draws which means they are taking risks. But more consistent now

  5. When did we look panicky 🤣🤣🤣🤣if you cushion a pass to someone your being to cool not panicky these pundits are awful

  6. Spurs have been this deep all season don’t let pundits fool you they only saying this because Spurs lost and none of them believe in Arsenal

  7. Can Arsenal rest and focus on Liverpool already? We all know Kane n Son are not getting any younger. Beating Spurs at emirates is not even a test beating big club away is… let’s focus on Liverpool fc. Klopp has bag of tricks nothing exciting losing at home ground

  8. What NONSENSE did I just hear that "Arsenal are the 2nd beat team in England at the moment"? ARSENAL ARE 1ST SPOT 4POINTS CLEAR AT THE MOMENT 🤦

  9. Arsenal 15 points clear at the top of the league with 1 minute of the entire season to go Craig Burley, "I don't think it's going to be a title."

  10. Arsenal absolutely demolished spurs.
    Craig is 100% right it’s like night and day.
    It’s great to see this fantastic new Arsenal team playing well as that big club should be

  11. Worthy of a win? I would say so lol. By all the stats and the eye it pretty clear not I would say 🙄.
    Dominant with shakey 10 mins where we were still a threat. Craig has taken some sensible pills. Although we were this good up until injuries mid season last year after we got all playing.
    Shaka never watches lol, so we just ignore him.

  12. That tackle was actually a really dangerous tackle studs first on a very vulnerable place. Off your heads anyone saying it was wrong decision .
    We were not so far off this middle of last season before injuries btw. More depth now but still a bit thin and Partey is key and not so much as injury risk as certainty. Need to get him off early nearly every game and be brave to rest him against some teams.

  13. How is crystal palace not a good opposition. Chelsea were lucky to go come away with a win. This is laughing stock now. Forget what this people say. Arteta is doing some great work and in a long time we are seeing what we can do. Arsenal for life ❤️🤍

  14. * Arsenal after winning the premier league *
    Pundits : yeah, im still not convinced, they still haven't proved themselves against a top team yet.

  15. It's an obvious red and arsenal deserved the win. I am not even an arsenal fan but j don't know why people r complaining. It's a dangerous tackle.

  16. These pundits always how poor the opponent was and not how good arsenal have become. You lot should keep being deluded. Until it is too late to realize this is not the old arsenal.

  17. “Arsenal worthy of the win”?

    “I would say so”.

    The guy was at the game but must have been on his phone cos the missed the parts where Arsenal were best team on the pitch, which was almost all of the game.

  18. When you play a high pressing style against a spuds defense deeper than mariana trench, getting caught on counters is inevitable even with the most experienced team. It's honestly laughable how deep they were and Conte subs were emblematic of his approach to the game. Had Arteta done that, this panel would be talking about it for weeks but just coz it's conte they look at the bigger picture 😂

  19. Thing is… Contè apparently BEASTED the players in preseason yet they looked SLOW and physically inept! Contè after buying all those players is looking like a glorified finished Mourinho lol.

  20. Espain jokers will still rule out arsenal as title contender even if we manage to beat Liverpool next week. Just because varchester won a game by luck doesn't mean we are losers. Top 2 is possible for gunners surely this season 😍

  21. How is that Mr. Shaka? You until he broke the leg then it becomes a red, right? ESPN will always have people that hate Arsenal in every show?

  22. The red card was on point red,if we model those types of tackles as a yellow sets a bad president for football in any league,we’re skin and bones not robots..

  23. Come on man. Look at the stats. Stop talking about the red card. They got an easy penalty. Spurs had nothing. COYG

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