Millwall FC . . . no-one likes us but we don't care!

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35 opiniones en “Millwall FC . . . no-one likes us but we don't care!”

  1. @alhoppy
    Let me answer that one altho I`m no Milwall fan.
    cuz ppl cheer for club from their neighbourhood, not like some glory hunters!

  2. @pkmnplatinumfan Nee jonge AFC AJAX en West Ham till i die!!!!
    Millwall past niet bij ons hahahaha sorry man!!
    No offense mate AJAX kampioen third star!!!!

  3. Yo! im ere as a neutral to cast my valid opinion upon u ye bastards.
    Millwall n West Ham r the most known firms in Britain n in my opinion Millwall r the animals which drives the fear into opposin fans but West Ham were more organised which probably made em a better firm, both comin from the worst estates in London.

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