HIGHLIGHTS: Philadelphia Union vs. Houston Dynamo FC | July 30, 2022

HIGHLIGHTS: Philadelphia Union vs. Houston Dynamo FC, 07/30/2022

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45 opiniones en “HIGHLIGHTS: Philadelphia Union vs. Houston Dynamo FC | July 30, 2022”

  1. What's ip with the top of the line Herrera that they just bought, it looks like they just brought it to bring more mexican fans to the stadium, I don't think they brought Herrera cause he is a good players, to me he is not!!!!!

  2. Cómo que la defensa del Dynamo da mucho espacio al rival al momento que pierde el balon o el rival ataca.

  3. Hector Herrera the captain for the Mexican national team what a f**** disappointment that is to me. For the last three years I've been saying he needs to f**** go and retire

  4. How's the Herrera signing looking like? .. ??..Tata hope your watching…que regresa a Mexico. No ESTA pa la MLS .. Herrera can't run

  5. The quality of these highlights is absolutely abysmal, can't even make out individual players. Who actually watches these and thinks it's good to upload?

  6. Houston is a disaster right now!! We need another defenders and probably another coach, but the team has to take decisions now!!

  7. El DT de Houston Dinamo no quiso serrar partido ya con tres goles en contra y viendo el buen desempeño del rival había que tirarse atrás a defender ni modo, pero prefirió ser goleado.

  8. Terrible Héctor Herrera en el sexto gol. Se la quitaron, no presionó y por último desvió el balón a portería.

  9. We've FINALLY figured out our offense! What a year to be a season ticket holder. The stadium is consistently packed and full of great fans. Really an incredible team to be apart of. Uhre is such a critical component for our team.

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