HIGHLIGHTS: Atlanta United FC vs. Austin FC | July 09, 2022

HIGHLIGHTS: Atlanta United FC 0-3 Austin FC, 07/09/2022

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45 opiniones en “HIGHLIGHTS: Atlanta United FC vs. Austin FC | July 09, 2022”

  1. Atlanta is looking to be in decline as a club. Horrible record, ineffective coach, and dropping attendance. Really sad to see. They used to sell out nonstop

  2. Last year, Austin didn't play very well (it was their first season and that was okay). But this year they are fantastic & "almost" dominating the league this season! Maybe this year is their second season, but their progress from last year's performance is impressive! Top Notch!

  3. As an lafc fan

    Happy to see Austin doing great love the kit color and as a new club being second place at the moment is badass

    Sad to see Atlanta struggling at the moment have tons of respect for that club dope players and atmosphere I know they’ll be back to how they used to play only a matter of time

  4. MLS – add starting lineups to highlights and improve video quality above 780P.

    Fellow fans…please like so MLS gets the message and hopefully rectifies this with the Apple contract next year.

  5. Caleb Wiley is young, so he’ll have time to grow and learn from games like these, but he was at fault in some capacity for every goal Austin scored. Atlanta’s injury woes are really starting to show, especially on the defensive end.

  6. I was in the Stadium but even my team Atlanta United lost, I still enjoy and k hope my team win next time when I go to Stadium ??????

  7. Not mad at Atlanta United. I don't want to see soccer that doesn't work magically start working. Austin swarms as a team behind the ball because they have 11 players willing to dig ditches. We have some players going through the learning curve Chichorito had during his first year

  8. I was at this game and you could tell that ATL United fans really wanted ATL to do well, but their defense is so bad. There's no reason why a CB needs be out of position on that third goal 3:50. Even the touches looked a little heavy and slow from most of the players, and there were multiple occasions where ATL United players tried to dribble through 2 or 3 players rather than playing like AUSTIN FC and looking for a positive first touch and passing. The offense are definitely playing as individuals, but my guess is that they feel like they need to carry the team. This team needs to address this stuff way before match day.

  9. As both an austin and atlanta fan, props to austin for taking advantage of atls weak back line, exactly what they have been doing to every other team. Go Austin, and i guess theres next season Atlanta

  10. Does Atlanta usually suck this bad?
    I'm new to watching MLS since all other European leagues are closed for vacation.
    Atlanta did horrible
    Congrats to Austin fc ?

  11. How does Atlanta spend all of that money and still cannot score a goal? On paper there is plenty of talent, but it is not translating into anything tangible. The fans know it. Look at the stands lots of empty seats even though they are claiming 67,000 in attendance. This is what happens when you have know history and try to buy your way into the league – Atlanta had a couple of really good years, but now they are a joke.

  12. Что с Атлантой происходит? В начале сезона неплохо смотрелись, а сейчас по сути в безнадёжного аутсайдера превращаются постепенно, шаг за шагом опускаются на дно турнирной таблицы.

  13. Pineda: Su equipo es un desastre. La defensa siempre esta desconcentrada y desorganizada, y encima juegan casi sin esfuerzo. La verdad q dieron lastima y por suerte que no perdieron 5-0. Es el momento de aceptar el fracaso y dar un paso al costado.

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