San Jose Earthquakes 2-5 Minnesota United FC | SEVEN Goal Thriller! | MLS EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS

After rallying late to secure a season-opening draw, the San Jose Earthquakes seek their first win of the 2020 season against a Minnesota United side trying to make it two road wins in a row when the Western Conference foes square off on 03/07/2020 in San Jose. #MLS #Soccer #MinnesotaUnited

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  1. 1. Vega is a bad goal keeper
    2. Andy Rios is so darn ineffective
    3. Playing Hoesen on the left is a brain-dead move for Almeyda
    4. Yueill & Erickson is a bad combo in center-mid. No defense and very little contribution to the offense
    5. Why Nick Lima is so bad under Almeyda?
    6. Jungwirth can't be on the bench. What the heck is Almeyda thinking?

    What the heck is going on with the team???

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  3. I’m 20 yrs old, I live in San Jose. I’m an Earthquakes fan. I have about 5 friends who like soccer but aren’t earthquakes fans. And why should they be? Were more likely to make fun of the earthquakes than go to a game. Idk that’s just fucken sad. I’m proud of being from San Jose and I still root for them , but it’s clear to everyone that we suck. The stadium sucks. And there’s so much potential behind the team that isn’t being used. Idk fam just ranting

  4. Obvious San Jose just is not there now. Attacking was not crisp, not fluid. Defense was very lax, slow to close down. Vako working hard. If anyone can get them together though its Almeyda.

  5. Not exactly what comes to mind with the words "SEVEN Goal Thriller!"
    Also, please stop putting game descriptions in the video title.

  6. If that is the most fans you can get to a game, you shouldn't be allowed to be in MLS the following year. Disgraceful.

  7. San Jose need to find a GK if they want to do anything. Daniel Vega ain't it. Imma Sounders fan but just saying, the second and 3rd goals for MNUFC he's gotta keep those out. No excuses

  8. Earthquakes need to sign a good goalie and a good CB to pair with Alanis. They should bring Gallito from Chivas to control the middle. They need to spend money

  9. As a Quakes fans, I don't say this lightly, that was one of the most pathetic performances I have seen from them ever. And that's saying something since I had to endure the Stahre era.

  10. Another season of every team wearing Adidas, and every away team wearing ALL WHITE. That doesn't scream AYSO YOUTH LEAGUE, or AMATEUR.

  11. a bad game by vega to be sure, but MUFC looking scary af actually. definitely the most-improved MLS team so far this season.

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