Montreal Impact vs. FC Cincinnati | Drama Right From The Kickoff! | HIGHLIGHTS

Montreal Impact are desperate for all three points Saturday night when they host FC Cincinnati in this Week 28 match-up of the 2019 MLS Regular Season.

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32 opiniones en “Montreal Impact vs. FC Cincinnati | Drama Right From The Kickoff! | HIGHLIGHTS”

  1. Man this sucks…. to think that Montreal was somewhere between 3rd and fifth throughout almost all season long… the last 2 months have been disgusting….

  2. Mais tabarnac de tabarnac de tabarnac de tabarnac. Caliss moé la direction dehors au pc. Quéssé ça?

  3. Impact coaching staff completely stupid? A defense who heads the ball in the defensive zone blindly to an adversary

  4. 1) Perder con Cincinnati; colista y peor equipo de la MLS
    2) Perder de local, cero respeto por la hinchada que llenó el estadio
    3) Perder desde el min 1 del primer tiempo, sin poder mover el marcador en el resto del partido… WOW!!
    4) Jugar los últimos 10 min con un hombre más en la cancha y sin ser capaz de patear a portería o crear un simple córner
    5) Tener todo a favor para meterse en Play-Off y jugar con ese desgano intolerable a la vista del hincha

    En resumen, si yo fuera el dueño del club, los despido a todos, a TODOS!!

  5. Played trash, but they didnt show the clear penalty missed call on bacary sagna. Still played trash, no deserving in playoffs at all.

  6. Montreal Impact – what can one say about the club?

    I would say "better luck next season" to every other club.

    When it comes to Montreal, I simply can't say that – the same mistakes over and over again : a weak defense system, lack of creativity and attacking moves, small club mentality (far from top quality players wanting to win the match on their own).

    It's the same old story.

  7. I don't even have a dog in this fight, but how the hell was Waston even called for a foul – much less a second yellow?!?

    He didn't even touch the guy.

  8. Every game has been the most important of the season for us in the last.month and we disappointed against toronto dallas Dc and now cincinnati is the worst. But beating the red bulls in the playoff race is still possible

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