HIGHLIGHTS: D.C. United vs. Vancouver Whitecaps FC | July 14, 2018

After four MLS Cups, four Supporters’ Shields, three US Open Cups, and 22 full MLS seasons, D.C. United finally opens their soccer-specific stadium as they welcome the Vancouver Whitecaps to Audi Field.


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  1. Watching MLS games from Italy i noticed that the "defensive time" doesn't exist in those matches. Is too easy to score.

  2. Bucket basketball: I m a us citizen thru and thru. I have been watching premier league championship and uefa for years. Everything you expressed was dead on. Iceland made it into the world cup and we didn't. That says it all. I would love nothing more than to say MLS was world class! In the rest of the world MLS is considered the retirement league which is why players from the rest of the world come after they are older. It's a chance for them to still shine. I love that they are here, maybe they will run off on the MLS. After the world cup Ronaldo got traded. Ponder that for awhile. Yes he'll come this way, he'll shine bright. This is just my opinion. And it's not because I have the MLS, it's because I so want it to fly! Ask your selves this: players from around the world come to play MLS when they're older, how many MLS players get picked up for world leagues when the younger or older?

  3. Congratulations DC United you finally got a Home. As a Former DMW resident RFK Stadium was awful indeed and it was ironic that Yamil Asad scored the First goal in Audi Field like how he scored the First Goal in Atlanta United History. I will not be able to go to the Game this year, but I'll be there Next Season!

  4. TBH MLS is my 6th favourite football league after EPL, Serie A ,La liga, Ligue 1 , Bundesliga, Eresdivise,

  5. D.C is back baby. Whoo!!, ive played professional, its the best sport on the planet. Ive been a D.C fan from the beginning, i will always be an MLS/D.C FAN. Im talking etcheverry, moreno days. Now we have rooney, great signing .!!!! LETS GO D.C!!!

  6. I want to thank everyone who talked soccer with me. I'm the only 1 in my family who likes soccer a lot! For me there's nothing better thank watching the skills of the attack and defense of 2 teams that are evenly matched! And if I'm completely honest I even enjoy matches that aren't evenly matched. Watching Lionel Messi running flat out, bouncing the soccer ball off his knee to his foot and shooting for the goal all while still running was an absolute thing of beauty! I might be just a tiny bit addicted to soccer/football.

  7. Did anyone else see the article that when the next world cup. is in Qatar it will be in Nov. And Dec.? Premier league is not happy, I can't imagine MLS will be either

  8. I've got a question. What caliber scouts do we have here? We didn't make w.c.. doesn't that start from the scouts up??

  9. Honestly who cuts these highlight videos? How in the world could you not show Wayne rooney being subbed on?? First we have to tell you we want to see the final whistle and now this? Has the person cutting these ever seen english premier league highlights? Its comin fuckin sense to show rooney get subbed on for his debut.

    Also show 5 seconds longer of the final whistle. Still not enough

  10. Anybody who was there would agree how wild the crowd went when Rooney put his hands up to pump up the crowd, literally the loudest it got. It was awesome.

  11. And with this win the record for the first match at a new soccer specific stadium is now 12 wins, 4 draws, and 1 loss. Next up is Minnesota

  12. Couldn’t have picked a better game to be my first to attend, electric atmosphere, can’t wait to be at more in the near future

  13. If MLS want more people to love soccer, they need to make it easier to watch. I have dish and I can only watch 1 match a week and I don't get to choose which match! I live in Maine and I can't watch the Revolution because they're only on Comcast. I wish to heck I could've watched Rooney 1st match! Instead I'm on YouTube trying to see him! How many NFL games can someone watch in a week without cable? You can't even watch the matches online. If we want American youth to fall in love with the best sport to watch , it needs to be out there more! We can't keep wining soccer isn't bigger until it's wider available. Do the Academies have scholarships? I know what it costs my sister to send my niece to the small one we have in Maine. MLS you need to kick yourselves in the butt, kick it in gear and try and find some common sense.

  14. Who went to the game, I was sitting in the fans seats, if you saw a white screaming eagles flag really high up next to a black screaming eagles flag, I was holding the white one

  15. I usually wouldn't support the leauge bringing in all these old has-beens that hog the light, but this seems better. When Rooney came in he didn't hog the ball and take tons of shots he helped the build up play and played quick passes.

  16. Rooney Rooney Rooney Rooney Rooney Rooney Rooney Rooney Rooney Rooney Rooney Rooney Rooney Rooney Rooney Rooney Rooney Rooney Rooney Rooney Rooney Rooney Rooney Rooney

  17. I might get thrashed for saying this but Davis should go to a European club.This lad is amazing on this pitch ??, anyone else agree ?

  18. What a great game for the DC United, the first win of the game at the new stadium in southwest of Washington DC .?⚽

  19. Great to see Rooney with a perfect start to his time at MLS. You treat him good DC United from an Everton fan.

  20. Thought the Asad goal was gonna be spotlight of this game, it being the first in a new stadium and all. Aaaand then wonderkid Alphonso Davies comes on and murders. How old is he now 18? 17? Can they keep him at least until 20? Would love to hear of a MLS kid go to a big european club on a big transfer fee. If he goes next year he's going to a bench (even though I can see him breaking out of it)

  21. DC fans must be on the moon. Rooney makes an appearance, a brand new stadium, and a comfortable win against an actual team.

  22. Wow soccer/futbol/football is growing in the U.S it may not be as big as American football or basketball but we are seeing results?

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