Vancouver Whitecaps FC 3-4 San Jose Earthquakes | 7 Goal Thriller | MLS Highlights

An action packed group B match between Vancouver Whitecaps FC vs San Jose Earthquakes, 07/15/2020. #MLS #VancouverWhitecapsFC #SanJoseEarthquakes

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44 opiniones en “Vancouver Whitecaps FC 3-4 San Jose Earthquakes | 7 Goal Thriller | MLS Highlights”

  1. As others mentioned, the commentary is poor. The "gooooooooool" thing really doesn't translate in english. The Mexicans do it with passion and this just sounds forced.

    Also, wth is with the commentator calling the Whitecaps GK "Crepaw"? Just flat out incorrect.

  2. Btw, mls referees are the fucking worst EVER!!! Making every player big pussies when they play the game in international games.?

  3. Not gonna lie, MLS is the most stupidest league in all soccer league. You can tell they are far behind the rest of the world. ?????????????

  4. Stop whining about the scores in the title. If you missed the broadcast, that's on you alone. After the fact, the result is considered common knowledge. If you don't see the score on youtube, the it'll be all over every other social media outlet you use ANYWAY

  5. El segundo gol de San José. Una super cagada siquiera intento nada solo levanto la patita

  6. Im from Russia, Siberia, and im fanat of SJ. And i like, what i see.. amazing 4 goals!!!

  7. 7' Ali Adnan (1-0); 22' Judson (O.G. 2-0); 45+2' Andres Rios (2-1); 59' Cristian Dajome (3-1); 72' Chris Wondolowski (3-2); 81' Alanis Oswaldo (3-3); 90+8' Shea Salinas (3-4)

  8. The thing with TUDN is that when they are announcing Liga Mx games in Spanish, they always make the game sound exciting, but when are announcing. MLS games in English, it sounds bad and boring. Please TUDN, just stick to announcing in Spanish, it make the game more interesting.

  9. Can announcers please stop yelling "goal" for an eternity? It's old, annoying, and just lazy commentating. No one want to hear that crap.

  10. I watched some shorter highlights of this but it was only 3 minutes so Its infinitely better than this

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