How FC Barcelona Destroyed Real Madrid 4-0 At The Santiago Bernabéu

FC Barcelona thrashed Real Madrid 4-0 at the Santiago Bernabeu. Xavi’s side were far superior to Carlo Anceloitti’s side. Without Karim Benzema, Real Madrid were insipid. How did Barcelona destroy their opponents in their own backyard? The response is in this video!

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33 opiniones en “How FC Barcelona Destroyed Real Madrid 4-0 At The Santiago Bernabéu”

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  2. As a Madrid fan, I do give respect for Barca, they played really well and organized, we will see how we do with Mbappe tho?

  3. We won 5 clasicos in a row. We have lost this one. And it is Good That we lost it because the mentality of Most of the players hopefully will get better. We have to learn about That. Barca played well, we played Bad. But thats ok. Ancelotti is still a Great Coach, we are still a Great Team, we are 1st in LaLiga, are in the CL. So Everything is on us. I dont mind if we lost 0:4 at Home. That can Happen but shouldn‘t. Barca should shut up in the Euro League ???

  4. I love Barca I love that club so much but everyone is overhyping this win

    For the last 6 years in the champions league we have lost dreadfully Bayern roma and Liverpool all took a dump on us
    When we win against those clubs and win a trophy and win 8-2 against Bayern we can say we are back & when we win a trophy then we can celebrate when we beat 4-0 to our best please

  5. To be honest real Madrid had me worried in the first 10 minutes
    They were fast but they got tired

  6. I am a Barca fan. But its too early to let this get into our head. Our objective should be finish top four, win Europa and get a chance to face the Champions league champion in Eufa Super Cup. If we beat him we shall know we can compete again.

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  8. Xavi must be so grateful to have taken over Barcelona without Messi. I don't care what he says he'd rather not have to deal with that pressure n drama. Barcelona is starting to grow without Messi and PSG are no better with him around.

  9. Xavi changed barcelona ronald koeman was a total pain in the a$$ xavi is like another pep guardiola for barcelona

  10. I'm happy that Barca won.
    But I do have to say that I respect Anceloitti for actually taking responsibility and be a man.

  11. now I know KB9 is a key player but is this really a reason for realmadrid to drop like that? like cmon this situation is like with ronaldo when he left real madrid was not doing well I love barca and we deserved the victory but as for real madrid fans I'd like to say we were not lucky bc benzema wasn't there we simply played better than u

  12. Typical losers. Celebrating like they have won sextuple, world cup, euro cup, Wimbledon and Copa America

  13. I mean it was kinda Ancelotti's fault for being allergic to bench players. Kroos and Modric were litterally used as fowards ?

  14. Real madrid didn't deserve to win. They defeated PsG because PSG had no chemistry in their team and Xavi taught Ancelotti a big lesson

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