Paul Pogba speaks out AGAIN! ‘A lot of HOT AIR & no delivery!’ | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC panel react to Paul Pogba’s comments during international break about his growing concerns at Manchester United.
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28 opiniones en “Paul Pogba speaks out AGAIN! ‘A lot of HOT AIR & no delivery!’ | ESPN FC”

  1. Oh my my, imagine spending 100m and paying this guy top wages… and now he is ranting at his own club… one of the best transfer decision by man utd

  2. Pogba belongs at PSG where he can coast through a season. Full seasons in the Prem are too much work for that guy. Totally tired of his B.S. act.

  3. Some of you guys on the panel like to blow nothing but hot air at times. I've played the game for years and if I learned one thing is that if you don't have the right chemistry on the pitch, you will eventually start losing the passion during games. The entire club is disorganized from management to coach. Pogba been want out from a while back. He's world class in my book and will do better elsewhere

  4. I wanna see him play for Real Madrid, why not, Modric and is too old and so is Kroos, and cama and Fede might be a bit too young so I think he could be a good bridge between the two generations

  5. Pogba is not Gerard. Pogba is always blamed when Man Utd is not playing well yet you won’t let him leave. What an irony.

  6. What about Fernandes? He's been consistent for 2 and half seasons in a row regardless of who he plays with. Even this season stats suggests he's still leading in terms of chances created for the team, but he's playing alongside mcfred and he's not complaining. Pombal should just shut up and do his job. That's what it's called "A Job".

  7. Pogba is right, Man UTD hasn't use Pogba well… They always change the man's position, so the player can't develop effective enough… Man UTD has to win trophy's for real man, they haven't won anything for 5 years now who wanna stay somewhere where there's nothing to cheer about?

  8. It’s time to call it a day. He’s lazy. Compare him to Roy Keane? Center midfield is about that. He’s head not in it. He’s not lucky in life.

  9. I can't wait to see him go. He has been a disgrace to the shirt. Get players in who will give 100% every game no matter what

  10. Paul, you one of the HIGHEST PAID PLAYERS IN YOUR ENTIRE LEAGUE. Youre the guy who is actually paid to play a position where youre supposed to make things happen so your team can win games, leagues and tournaments.

    Its on you, mate. Everything youve said is on you

  11. Ragnick As Nothing to do with united present situation pogba and the rest of the team being failing before he arrived

  12. This narrative that United did not build around him and accommodate him is ridiculous. Even when he played in his preferred left side in a midfield of three he was never consistent. Ole played him as a left sided winger even though it required sacrificing MBE and again he did nothing. There is nothing world class about a foreign mercenary who never played for the badge. Sir Alex’s decision to let him go has been vindicated.

  13. The absolute cheek of him. Who’d even want Pogba? No doubt some team will be stupid enough to take him. He’s been terrible for years.

  14. Most players Mourinho calls out for their commitment and hard work he is usually spot on eg: Pogba, Shaw, Dele Ali, Danny Rose. All these players proved Mourinho right after they got him sacked

  15. The Pogba saga is coming to an end after 5 years. I think certain media people will retire after this season lol

  16. player is judged based on his performances over the course of the season, not a bunch of friendlies where he’s under no such pressure. He’s been a disaster, absolutely garbage and still cant keep his mouth shut. Has no desire to excel or perform according to his “mythical” talents.

  17. As a Man Utd supporter Pogba can go Dance ? in Madrid' Juve' PSG' Newcastle' City wouldn't take him for free because his Ego in his bubble is way bigger than Manchester United it goes back to the old "saying" You don't know what you have until its gone.. And paul Pogba had he performed for himself the way he plays for France this man could have been one of the great midfielders and todays game he could have been the best of the lot instead Kantè ended up the player Pogba was supposed to be as the next wonderkid then Fergie noticed ? he wasn't what they thought

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