LA Galaxy 0-2 Atlanta United FC | Almirón and Martinez Take Down Zlatan and LA Galaxy | HIGHLIGHTS

Zlatan Ibrahimovic and LA Galaxy search for a second consecutive victory as the lethally potent offense of Atlanta United FC heads out to the StubHub Center for an inter-conference clash.

Starting Lineups:

Major League Soccer is marking Earth Day 2018 with a variety of initiatives and celebrations, including MLS WORKS’ third annual Greener Goals Week of Service, but the most prominent one will be worn on the pitch this weekend.

MLS has collaborated with adidas and Parley to support Parley for the Oceans. During Week 8 matches, MLS players will wear special adidas kits, built of technical yarns made using Parley Ocean Plastic™. The gear will be supported by all 23 clubs and comes in two colorways, non-dye and carbon, differentiating the two teams in each game.

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41 opiniones en “LA Galaxy 0-2 Atlanta United FC | Almirón and Martinez Take Down Zlatan and LA Galaxy | HIGHLIGHTS”

  1. so many mistakes from everyone players, refs wtf is this league, these guys are not playing football they are just hiting the ball, I feel bad for the fans watching this. Being the most important league in the States means that so much money are being involved but looks so disapointing, I dont blame the players (they are not amaising but…) someone should tell them what to do

  2. Great to see my beloved city of birth with a rockin' team! Thank you, Home Depot owner an Tata Martino!!

  3. Zlatan went to play in THIS league??????!!! School boys play better football. And does LA Galaxy even have a defence????

  4. I don't follow MLS too much but recently I had seen galaxy two games so far, I think this team needs a lot of work to do, it looks like this team doesn't really connect each other, they brought slatan but other than that It's all college level football, I don't see more players above expectation, now I think I know why dosantos came to play here along with his brother.

  5. Lol y'all funny! Zlatan (36yo) has nothing to prove. He is here for the money and to teach real football to people who still call this sport "soccer".

  6. Atlanta looked amazing live. Every time they got the ball, they looked like they were on goal within seconds. They are soooo fast and amazing passing. It was very frustrating to not be able to get a goal against them, but Atlanta was the better team, no doubt.

  7. Total domination by Atlanta. Should've been 4-0 honestly. Atlanta controlled the game from the jump. Also the LA commentator annoyed me getting Barco & Almiron confused.

  8. Ashley Cole might be one of the worst defenders I have ever seen…. either that or just really doesn't want to be there

  9. Is this really the highlights of the game? I only see Atlanta's attack here, did Galaxy never attack in this game?

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