Vancouver Whitecaps FC vs. LA Galaxy | HIGHLIGHTS – April 5, 2019

Vancouver Whitecaps FC look for their first win of the season against Zlatan Ibrahimovic and LA Galaxy in this Week 6 Friday night match-up of the 2019 MLS regular season campaign.

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33 opiniones en “Vancouver Whitecaps FC vs. LA Galaxy | HIGHLIGHTS – April 5, 2019”

  1. Whitecaps worse team in MLS history They will no win one game this season …… maybe vs San Jose but honestly I don’t think so

  2. What is with the red on a Whitecaps uniform ROFL. The tradition of blue and white smeared and dishonored. The Caps are gonna be like the Canucks with color and theme uniform changes and no soul!

  3. such a STUPID fucking decision to do a panenka at that situation!…of course, i'd of said the same thing if pozuelo had fucked it up like that last week. lol, but he didn't so i guess it's the talent to be able to carry it off that make the moment.

  4. That was an embarrassing penalty attempt.. but my question is why was he taking it in the first place? Hes a defender that rarely scores and he is new to the team only his 2nd or 3rd game.. They have so many better options.

  5. I can't even watch any more if this crap. Look at the replay of the Galaxy first goal. Freeze frame it right before Zlatan crosses the ball. What do you see? 8 Whitecaps ball watching. I literally feel like vomiting.

  6. Opening kickoff Whitecaps. Turn the ball over immediately. WTF? Is this what you call football Lenarduzzi? What the hell are you watching? This is a disorganized dirt lot bunch at best. No fault to the players. They obviously don't know what they are supposed to do with the freaking ball. Have you ever heard of ball possession Lenarduzzi? Have you ever heard of marking up in your own third and midfielder rotation to cover the off wing late runners? You need to step down. This franchise needs someone who knows the modern game. HOW TO PLAY IN YOUR OWN HALF AND KEEP THE FREAKING BALL OUT OF YOUR NET!!! I don't give a rat's ass about some coaches successes that happened 10 years ago. I want to see a system in place tonight. One that is visible to a 10 year old on the sidelines. What a complete joke this franchise is. Thanks for SFA Bob. I feel so sorry for the great fans and the players.

  7. Im a Vancouver season ticket holder for 9 years now,when the home fans cheers Ibra scoring I left the stadium in disgust,im cancelling my season tickets.We sold Davies to Bayern for a small fortune and this is our team now.JOKE

  8. Ali Adnan… what a Player! I didn't know that udinese Fired his but, now, I know the cause.
    What a "cucchiaio" (italian word for "panenka")!

  9. IBRACADABRA does it again!⚽️??

    PD: the player who tried the paneka should be benched for the rest of the regular season???

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