Toronto FC 1-0 New York City FC | Toronto Grabs Tough Late Win | MLS HIGHLIGHTS

For the first time since Toronto FC eliminated NYCFC in the MLS Cup Playoffs a year ago, the Eastern Conference foes square off Saturday afternoon at BMO Field, on 03/07/2020. #MLS #Soccer #TorontoFC

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30 opiniones en “Toronto FC 1-0 New York City FC | Toronto Grabs Tough Late Win | MLS HIGHLIGHTS”

  1. Alexander Lacazette Would be the perfect replacement for Jose Altidore In a couple of years. same grit/leadership and playstyle. TFC spent the money ?

  2. Again 90 minutes of nothing for our team:
    1 no tactics!
    2 the construction was killed fast in the middle of the field
    3 Heber was almost zero today
    4 if Mitrita was forced to do a tactical fault ,that means no organization in the defense.

    Johnson, thanks being again the man of the game !

  3. MLS needs to cut the time down on these boring highlights lol they could easily cut time off basically every highlight across the league but choose to throw in the most random parts in. Nobody wants to see the second half kickoff wtf

  4. Bad highlights not showing why the goal was disallowed. Very confusing. Nycfc need to get it together. That was a poor show with worse tactics.

  5. These highlights were more or less dominated by Toronto. Looks like NYC FC had no good start into the season after the first two games.

  6. terrible highlight vid, don't even show why the first goal just disappears. get it together, that's just stupid.

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