[HIGHLIGHTS] Barça U10 A 6-0 Real Madrid

Villa de Posadas International Tournament Semifinals
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44 opiniones en “[HIGHLIGHTS] Barça U10 A 6-0 Real Madrid”

  1. Tuh kan. Usia segitu aja udh sip tekniknya dan krjasamanya.
    Jenis2 tendangan pun ok.
    Minimal tuh di negara konoha ssb2 dsb cara main nya kyk ssb putra utama tambun u10 kyk di ijl 2020-2021. Agar mndekati level prmainan ini sjk usia kcil

  2. Big teams' under 10s: Play half-sized field and goal.
    My primary school under 8s: Full-sized field and full-sized goal. :')

  3. This is the example of.what quality of football Barcelona has and real only know to buy big name players not have the talent generating academy like barca have❣️

  4. 10 no. Of Barca is Messi Jr.

    What anyone say dosen't matters.

    Should Play for Arsenal At These Times

    Better Than Those Arsenal Players

  5. They are really playing so well.? But the only difference in them and international player is that, these are small in age and size?

  6. Brother children are educated at this age, the cultural difference is here, we are spent. I have never gone to the infrastructure at the age of 13 and I live in Turkey and I am Turkish, but I wish I was born in Spain, there is at least a football culture here, I want to be a footballer. But it doesn't work. What can I do in Turkey?

  7. I don't know wyh a press always appear us black people like they are supermen "
    I don't love to see this people "

  8. oh wow
    never thought i would say this but…

    women team Winning the UCL against a top class side by destorying them…
    U10 team beating los blancos 6-0 !

    the first mens team losing to "top class" Granada and celta vigo in the most crucial moment of the league.

  9. Now i watched this, i really think i
    could be a Goalkeeper for the worst Club in the world.
    That club defenetly isn't Barca!

    And sorry for my Bad English

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