42 opiniones en “HIGHLIGHTS: Atlanta United FC vs. Inter Miami CF | October 27, 2021”

  1. Atlanta United praises Josef Martinez like if he is a savior… this boy is not a real soccer player.. 💯😂

  2. Why did inter Miami fc jump for the free kick? And no one was behind them either they clearly don’t watch uefa football and you have three players that played in European football and should have told them about blocking in on the ground too….?

  3. Not showing the called back goal with the offside call I see. Doesn't give great confidence in VAR when they don't wanna show it.

  4. Atl need to sell jürgen damn # 22 He doesn’t even play anymore lol 😂 wat aWaste of 💰 money

  5. Best part of this video was Higuaín acting the fool, after a scoring a pk, just to have Miami lose 2-1. HAHA.

  6. Bogus penalty! Keeper has as much right to clear ball and even tried to avoid contact. Just incedental

  7. Players like Messi laying down to help the wall against a free kick: PSG Win
    Inter Miami: we better than that. Loose

  8. How do you not put in the Martinez goal that was pulled back! We never got a replay in the stands and now we don’t get one here.

  9. The way Josef reacted tells me he finally got that perfectly weighted through ball he's been looking for these past few months.

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