Is hold-up play like Cristiano Ronaldo's a dying art in modern-day football? | Extra Time | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Shaka Hislop, Ale Moreno and Nedum Onuoha answer your tweets in Extra Time, including:
0:00 Dan said that Eden Hazard is one of Real Madrid’s worst signings of all time. How does the FC panel rate Dan’s time as a host at Real Madrid TV?
2:32 Do the pundits ever want to do to Dan what Jules Kounde did to Jordi Alba?
2:54 Other than scoring goals, what is the most important attribute for a modern-day striker to have?
3:53 Did the media ever publish false news about you? What was your reaction when you found out?
7:22 With so many games coming up, how do you recover physically and mentally within 48 hours?
8:13 What’s the coldest game you’ve ever played in?
10:45 Who was the best South American dead-ball specialist?
11:27 What is the best and worst stadium you’ve played a game at in MLS?
13:37 What’s the worst excuse you ever gave to get out of training?

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42 opiniones en “Is hold-up play like Cristiano Ronaldo's a dying art in modern-day football? | Extra Time | ESPN FC”

  1. The most important thing for a striker to do besides scoring goals in finding space on the field to be able to accept the pass that leads to the goal

  2. Chicago fire in Naperville. Good times lol i went once as a child. I felt i was watching my brother play high school soccer

  3. Firmino's pretty good at it too. Receives the ball with his back to the defender and plays smart passes through to Mane and Salah

  4. Yes, his "hold up play" is a dying art. Ronaldos idea of hold up play is to receive the ball on a counter and do 10 step overs so the defenders have time to get back in cover.

  5. Providence Park in Portland is an awesome atmosphere for soccer. Love it and people show their passion for soccer there

  6. Shamelessly mentioned Ronaldo in the title, even though he wasn‘t mentioned in the conversation. ESPN how much lower can you go?

  7. There using his name for views again. This is the sad reality of ‘fans’ these days, everyone’s clueless. Cristiano has the WORST hold up play, he has no vision, no awareness of what’s around him..he’s terrible with his back to goal (this is why he only plays one touch or he might dive or he will jump and head the ball rather then bringing it down and allow his teammates a breather or he’ll take a touch and pass backwards…a mediocre footballer he’s all about instincts and hence why always moves to the wings bc his back is facing the fans meaning the game is now 180 rather then 360 and last time I check fans can’t tackle you…) and I’m a Ronnie fan but it’s the truth. If Ronnie did have some hold up play and involved himself more in the build up and general play, then it’s steadfast he’s the goat..but that’s only if and ands pots and pans

  8. Ben'z hold up play was master class, the best, he revolutionized that & it's one of the main reason why Ronaldo scored so many. Benz would hold up play & combo with CR7.

  9. Giroud is the ultimate ball to feet, hold up, distribute. Play a ball off of. Give and go. Flicks, lay offs. He’s brilliant. Doesn’t get enough praise

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