trying to *COMPLETE* my Adrenalyn XL EURO 2020 *2021 KICK OFF* Binder! (15 packs!)

I try and complete my Adrenalyn XL Euro 2020 (2021 Kick Off) binder by opening 15 packets of cards!
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This is the Adrenalyn XL Euro 2020- 2021 Kick Off Edition trading card collection! This set, newly released this year, contains all of the qualified teams taking part in this summer’s tournament, which I am absolutely buzzing for!

As you can tell from the title, it’s a GBW classic, we are trying to complete our binder in today’s video by opening 15 packets- each containing 8 cards in and retailing at £1.80 per pack! Let us know how you’re getting along with your collections down in the comments section below!

Thank you very much to Solve Collectibles for sending out this box for us to open! You can check out their website (they are stocking these brand-new cards) and obtain a cheeky 10% discount on your order if you enter the code ‘GBW10’ at checkout:

Order some cards from Panini’s online website:

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💷Needing those last few cards to finish your collection? Check out Solve Collectibles (link below) and use the code ‘GBW20’ at checkout, for 20% off your total order!
Or use code ‘GBW10’ for 10% off sealed products!!

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43 comentarios

  1. Watching your videos has sparked my interest for collecting again, so thank you. Although this collection is expensive ,
    The collection is superb and worth the money. The only thing that drives me away from any collection is having an abundance of trades without having anyone to swap with.

  2. Great collection 👍,
    I have also finished making comparisons of England squads at the 1998 World Cup with England at Euro 2000 squads through a sticker sticker that I made myself

  3. Great video! Could you maybe do a video showing us all your collections and how you store all your spear cards and other things only if you want to tho either way keep up the great work!

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