Crucial Result! Bayern Munich 2-1 Freiburg Match Reaction

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Crucial Result! Bayern Munich 2-1 Freiburg Match Reaction

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25 comentarios

  1. You can’t ask for Süle to replace Boateng. Süle is crap. Not quite the crap level of Pavard but still crap. It is time that Pavard is put on the bench for the rest of the season. This would be the first most important step to improve our team.
    I want Flick to try out Lucas as right back. I know, wrong foot, but it can’t get worse than Pavard. I want Lucas in the team.

  2. Maybe, just maybe Alaba is playing that often because of guarantee of a number of starting games each season. Something quite common in football. And they let him start so that in the end of the season when games become more crucial, they don't have to let him play?

  3. Don’t worry bro Bayern were the way better team, they created way more chances the just need to fix their defence, that way they will win Champions League again, that’s all don’t worry they played well against a team that was great in their last Bundesliga games 👍👍👍👍.

  4. Despite conceding that one freak goal it was still an improved defensive performance. Alaba was surprisingly good and even Pavard had some quality moments. Müller and Sane were fantastic.

  5. George give the defense credit. They did well for once in a long while. He started last year's treble team basically this game minus a player or two. He does it cause they know his system. I agree to drop Alaba cause he's on his way out. That was a purposeful hand ball in the beginning which should have been a pen. Agreed Neuer was positioned far back into the net for that goal. Overall a much improved performance. Dude look at the stats we had shots on goal and possession by quite a bit we just had trouble finishing. Only in the last 20 were they pressing hard. Now that we only have to worry about UCL and Bundesliga the schedule is not so compact, and 2 games at most for the FIFA club world cup. More practice and rest for them. U will c a completely rejuvenated team right before FIFA Club World Cup.

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