Bayern Munich vs. Freiburg reaction: Do Bayern still miss Thiago Alcantara? | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Alexis Nunes and Janusz Michallik discuss Bayern Munich’s 2-1 victory over Freiburg in the Bundesliga, with Michallik asking whether creativity provided by the likes of Thiago Alcantara and Xabi Alonso in the centre of the park is lacking for Bayern. He also compares the side to Liverpool from last season, and Manchester City from the season before that and insists that Hansi Flick has a job on his hands to motivate this side.

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  1. Hopefully they will continue to struggle their big problem has been sule he is extremely useless and fucking slow and terrible player I rather have Phil Jones really fucking surprised they made to FIFA

  2. Actually they miss kimmich as a rightback. Kimmich controls the game as a rightback. Thiago never controls the game in big games against Real Madrid but kimmich controlled the game against Real Madrid as a rightback thats shows they missed a offensive rightback

  3. Thiago wasn’t even a regular at Bayern.
    After Flick took over, the midfielder duo was always Goretzka X Kimmich.
    Thiago got to play in the CL’s final stages only because Pavard got injured and Kimmich went to RB.

  4. they obviously miss him but it isn’t the reason they have been poor recently. they are just out of form; it doesn’t really matter at all
    as long as they hit form right before the round of 16. they will guaranteed win the league and maybe with the CL if they do this

  5. Bayern should have won the game by a scoreline of 5-2 .Freiburg's goalkeeper became prime neuer .One thing I'm really happy was sane's performance. He completed 7 dribbles and got one assist. Was waiting to see this version of sane. Davies was also really good apart from the error he made defensively which led to Freiburg's goal. And also am quite happy that Bayern defended really well. The backline played much deeper and Alaba was solid as was boateng. And even pavard was much improved. Hope Bayern can keep a clean sheet next game

  6. Let me get this right: if City or Liverpool struggle against another Premier League team it shows how amazing and competitive their league is but if the same happens with Bayern it's worrying cuz they lost to some fArMeRs? I don't get it

  7. No need to worry, Bayern should have won the game by more and Freiburg were doing well in their last 5 games and Bayern should have won the game by more goals, but yes I do miss Thiago Alcantra, he was great and criminally underrated.

  8. When he played in germany no one gave a fuk about him now hes in liverpool everybody cares leave him alone and enjoy him bayern miss him as a person but they will be just fine without him

  9. Everyone forgets that kimmich used to bench Thiago until pavard got injured and kimmich moved to RB then Thiago played. Thiago is class yes but Bayern don’t miss him we also have Roca who is a press resistance player with good dribbling as seen from the last game he came on but flick doesn’t play him also Lucas Should play because he’s our best defender.

  10. we dont need thiago, need to move on…the problem about bayern now is they always conceding on corner, why? because no one protect the far post , when ball come, all of em goes forward to make offside trap if the player pass it to the backpost, that is why opponent always score corner with bayern

  11. Freiburg have been on a hot streak plus Bayern played well today I'm pleased with their performance. But Davies has been poor lately making mistakes and been caught out of postion.. I never like this polish pundit his a goose‼️ only let Jan talk about Bundesliga his very knowledgeable..

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